In the burgeoning field of aquaculture technology, the application of Artificial Intelligence is proving to be a game-changer. Farming technology is being leveraged to optimize production, enhance profitability, monitor health, and manage diseases of aquatic species. We have pieced together a ranking of top companies providing tech-based farm management software for the aquaculture industry, considering their product effectiveness, innovation, and impact on the sector.

  1. AKVA Group – AKVA Observe

AKVA Observe, a comprehensive AI software solution, plays a vital role in optimizing the most significant cost in fish farming: the feeding process. By analyzing real-time video streams from cages and employing advanced algorithms, AKVA Observe scrutinizes the fish’s activity patterns, identifies pellets, and evaluates feeding efficiency. This combination of video analysis and data provides valuable insights into the feeding scheme, which would otherwise be unattainable by solely relying on observations from breeders and feeding specialists. Developed in collaboration with Observe Technologies, AKVA Observe leverages the market’s leading AI, machine vision, and machine learning platform. As a result, AKVA contributes to the progress of a sustainable industry. Achieving favorable outcomes relies on operational excellence and ensuring the welfare of the fish. Investments in farming technology play a crucial role in accomplishing these goals. The overarching mission of the AKVA group is to provide solutions and services that optimize production and foster a sustainable, cost-effective, and safe aquaculture industry.

  1. Aquabyte – Aquabyte Solutions

Aquabyte is dedicated to revolutionizing the aquaculture industry’s sustainability and efficiency with their farm management software. As the global demand for protein continues to rise, Aquabyte recognizes the need for intelligent data-driven farming and decision-making processes. Combining the expertise from the global aquaculture industry, initially in Norway, with innovative IT solutions, Aquabyte has developed a unique all-in-one platform that solves global distribution through a self-service model. Their platform provides fish farmers invaluable benefits, operating at the convergence of computer vision, machine learning, edge processing, and fish welfare. As a result, Aquabyte empowers fish farmers to meet the world’s increasing protein demands sustainably and efficiently. Aquabyte’s technology relies on custom underwater cameras, computer vision, and machine learning algorithms to quantify fish weights, identify sea lice infestations, and generate real-time optimal feeding plans. The product operates through three main components: on-site hardware for capturing images, cloud pipelines for processing data, and a user-friendly web application for end-users. By enabling data-based decision-making processes worldwide, Aquabyte facilitates sustainable aquaculture practices.

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  1. XpertSea – Max

XpertSea is a pioneering aquaculture technology company committed to building a more sustainable and responsible global aquaculture industry. Their mission revolves around transforming the shrimp market into a transparent and respected sector that benefits all stakeholders from pond to plate. Through the ingenious utilization of AI, machine learning, and computer vision, XpertSea has introduced a remarkable transformation in shrimp farming. Max platform is a user-friendly tool designed to measure biomass and accurately count shrimp. This cutting-edge technology provides real-time insights that enable farmers to make informed decisions regarding feeding, treatment, and harvest timing. XpertSea’s easy-to-use web platform and mobile application bring state-of-the-art computer vision, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to the shrimp industry. Their farming technology offers features such as growth predictions for optimized feed planning, distribution insights for improved survival and harvest planning, and the ability to measure the impact of decisions throughout the farming cycle. By leveraging these advancements, farmers can achieve better feed conversion rates, improved survival rates, and reduced feed consumption. With their groundbreaking aquaculture technology, dedication to responsible practices, and focus on carbon reduction, XpertSea spearheads a positive transformation in the global aquaculture industry, paving the way for a more sustainable and prosperous future.

  1. InnovaSea – BiomassPro

InnovaSea’s BiomassPro is an AI-powered platform that revolutionizes operations and maximizes profits in aquatic ecosystems. It provides a real-time estimation of fish stock size and weight, optimizing production, reducing feeding costs, and enhancing resource planning and sales forecasting. The centerpiece of this solution is Innovasea’s groundbreaking biomass camera, which combines AI technology with stereoscopic imaging. This lightweight, portable camera delivers real-time data to a user-friendly dashboard, allowing operators to make data-driven decisions. BiomassPro offers accurate and autonomous monitoring of fish growth and size distribution, making it suitable for various facilities, including open ocean, near-shore, and land-based locations. In addition, the platform supports multiple species and provides data visualization and report generation capabilities. With BiomassPro, InnovaSea leads the way in driving innovation and productivity in the aquaculture industry.

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  1. OTAQ Group – Live Plankton Analysis System

OTAQ Aquaculture is a leading innovator in marine technology and engineering, dedicated to optimizing aquaculture technology operations worldwide. With a wealth of knowledge, experience, and expertise, they deliver pioneering products that cater to modern fisheries’ unique and evolving needs. By leveraging OTAQ’s solutions, the aquaculture industry, the fastest-growing food sector globally, is able to meet the nutritional demands of the planet’s population through sustainable and increased production. The OTAQ’s Live Plankton Analysis System (LPAS) uses AI technology to analyze water samples concerning phytoplankton species. The results are transmitted to OTAQ’s local analysis software, which generates on-site alerts based on user-defined parameters. These alerts indicate the presence of specific species of concern or when acceptable concentration levels are exceeded. A transparent traffic light system simplifies the identification of issues, allowing site operators to access more detailed data if necessary. Furthermore, the LPAS collects and stores result data, which can be accessed and analyzed locally or through the OTAQ Cloud. OTAQ Aquaculture’s dedication to technological innovation and proactive management sets them apart in the industry, enabling the optimization of aquaculture operations and ensuring the health and sustainability of marine ecosystems.

  1. Deep Trekker – Aquaculture ROVs

Deep Trekker specializes in providing Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) and other monitoring technologies tailored for the aquaculture industry. Their ROVs are designed for inspections, monitoring, and evaluating the health of shrimp farms, offering real-time feedback and cost-saving benefits. Through continuous research, innovation, and collaboration, Deep Trekker delivers customer-driven robotic inspection solutions, establishing itself as a leading technology platform for simplifying complex underwater missions. Their Aquaculture ROVs are versatile tools for various purposes, including net inspections, patching, mort pushing, and site selection. Deep Trekker’s battery-operated ROVs allow operators to conduct underwater inspections on their schedule, even during emergency responses. This convenience eliminates the need for costly dive teams and offers a cost-effective solution that can be customized to fit any budget. Moreover, the battery-operated nature of Deep Trekker’s vehicles eliminates the need for gas-powered generators or on-site power, ensuring environmental safety and preventing contamination risks to the ecosystem and fish health. With a strong track record spanning over a decade, Deep Trekker has established itself as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of underwater robotics. Their cutting-edge vehicles cater to critical applications across multiple industries. Deep Trekker’s commitment lies in empowering operators to inspect and protect the world’s valuable assets with reliable and advanced robotics.

  1. Minnowtech – BRS-1

Minnowtech is a pioneering company based in Baltimore, MD, specializing in precision aquaculture technologies. Through their collaborative efforts with Early Charm, Minnowtech has developed integrated sensor-based systems that revolutionize cultivation efforts for aquafarmers. Their flagship product, the BRS-1 sonar biomass detector, employs advanced subsurface aquaculture technology to provide shrimp farmers with accurate shrimp count and biomass measurements, boasting an impressive 95% accuracy rate. The device is installed by a trained technician from Minnowtech. Regardless of the pond’s dimensions, it ensures comprehensive coverage. Positioned beneath the pond’s surface, the BRS-1 employs sonar to gather information. a Minnowtech specialist handles the collection and uploading of data to a digital platform, offering instant access to information. By leveraging this precise data, farmers can optimize their harvests and increase profits while fostering sustainable and efficient farming operations. Minnowtech’s innovative solutions empower aquafarmers to make informed decisions that drive productivity and enhance the overall success of their operations.

  1. Sincere Aqua

Sincere Aqua is one of the companies at the forefront of bringing precision farming to the shrimp farming industry. It recognizes the multitude of challenges faced by shrimp farmers, such as environmental issues, disease outbreaks, and market competition. To address these challenges, Sincere Aqua has developed cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions that empower shrimp farmers to achieve higher yields, reduce costs, and increase profitability. Precision farming is a key focus for Sincere Aqua, as they understand its critical role in sustainable aquaculture. The company offers advanced tools to optimize pond stocking, eliminating the risk of under or over-stocking. Their shrimp counter utilizes advanced technology to accurately count shrimp, removing the need for manual counting. It enables farmers to determine optimal stocking densities for their shrimp farms. Additionally, the shrimp biomass monitoring probe provides instant data on the biomass in shrimp ponds, allowing for informed decisions regarding feeding rates, harvest times, and overall farm management. Sincere Aqua’s commitment to precision farming and advanced technology positions them as a valuable partner for shrimp farmers. Their solutions provide increased control, efficiency, and data-driven decision-making, enabling farmers to optimize operations.

The future of aquaculture technology is bright, with AI increasingly playing a central role. From optimizing feeding to monitoring health, these eight companies are pushing the boundaries and setting the stage for a more sustainable, efficient, and profitable aquaculture industry.

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