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The internet of things

Connect real-life objects with the digital world, analyze data gathered, and arrive at the right decisions thanks to secure IoT solutions.

What is the internet of things?

The IoT is a network of connected real things/devices, be it toothbrushes, ovens, smartphones, buildings, cars, or industrial machinery. These objects can communicate with each other, gather information in one central system, and share it with their users via the internet. The amount of information they collect and share often depends on the number and type of sensors they’re equipped with. The more devices are intertwined this way, the more accurate and data-based decisions we (or the system automatically) can reach.

The IoT network is growing exponentially, because there is an increasing number of devices connected every day. Many associate it with smart home devices, but the solution is eagerly adopted by the manufacturing, transportation, energy production, farming, retail, and automotive industry.
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The internet of things solutions

The internet of things applications may serve countless purposes. The technology has been eagerly adopted by both individuals (solutions such as a smart home) and corporations that want to improve their business processes.
Smart homes and buildings
The area that adopted the internet of things pretty quickly is smart home solutions. One of the reasons for the occurrence is the growing availability of home devices equipped with wireless technologies and low-cost sensors. IoT enables the monitoring and management of all appliances in the system, such as heating, lighting, ventilation, and security devices.

The system can adjust settings automatically based on the owners’ preferences or surroundings, for example dim the lights in the evening, increase the temperature when the homeowners are coming back from work or when temperatures outside drop drastically. It all translates into higher security, the comfort of living, and savings that result from more efficient resource management.
Smart city
The technological development of cities and efficient city management would not be possible without the internet of things. IoT can be taken advantage of in all areas of city life, such as transportation, construction, energy systems, environment, security, and health system. Some of the examples are street lights that adapt to the prevailing conditions, traffic management systems, smart parking, smart surveillance systems, or car-sharing services.

Smart city solutions help to manage natural resources in a better way, improve energy distribution, provide accurate trash collection, improve air quality, ease traffic congestion, and many more. As a result, cities have the chance to become better places to live – both for residents and tourists.
Industrial IoT
In a smart factory, thanks to the industrial internet of things (IIoT), access to real-time process data can be available from every single place and machine. Thus, most of the processes can happen without or with minimum human factor involvement, using machine-to-machine communication.

The IoT system attunes itself, based on current and historical data. IIoT is also eagerly used in production-line monitoring for predictive maintenance to avoid costly downtimes. The sensors can not only detect a failure but also in many cases anticipate it. Some of the greatest benefits of IoT in manufacturing are the reduction of human errors, process optimization, efficiency increase, cost reduction, and improved quality of products.
Innovative IoT startups
The internet of things raises endless possibilities for creating innovative digital products, far beyond computers and smartphones only.

We help companies to build products based on IoT solutions, from business analysis, through the proof of concept, to MVP building, and further development. We provide software development services for products that integrate numerous data streams to provide unprecedented value to your customers.

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Benefits of the internet of things

Find out what your company can gain with the state-of-the-art internet of things solutions.
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Greater productivity
The internet of things allows manufacturers to automate a variety of industrial processes and optimize their efficiency. Machines’ performance can be monitored on a constant basis, any problems detected early on.

Moreover, machine-to-machine communication allows them to adjust their processes accordingly so the manufacturing process becomes as smooth as possible. Many decisions can be made automatically, without human interaction, which means they take place instantly, without further ado.
cost reduction
Cost reduction
With the internet of things solutions, you can automate a variety of processes connected with production, company operations, assets management, and everyday life (vide smart home solutions). This automation translates into considerable savings – of time and money – and lower risk of potential mistakes and equipment damage.

What is more, IoT allows for better resource management, so your household, factory, or company can optimize their energy, water, etc. consumption.
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Informed decision-making
Taking strategic decisions based on structured data coming from a variety of channels lowers the risk of unreasonable actions. Analysis of real-time statistics and precise data helps to achieve better solutions – in terms of customer/worker behavior patterns, machine operation, resource use, etc. As a result, you can build predictive models and anticipate possible outcomes.
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Improved safety
The internet of things solutions, not only industrial IoT, influence the overall safety – of homeowners (smart home solutions), citizens (smart city), workers (workplace monitoring in e.g. smart factories). Integrated systems protect employees at every stage of production or service provided. The internet of things helps prevent accidents and if any happens, emergency measures can be taken immediately.

Our development process

Our internet of things development process consists of three consecutive stages that let our clients minimize the risk and costs of their projects.
Product strategy
based on workshop sessions and requirement analysis, we define the challenge, aims, and propose the most adequate IoT solutions.
Product design and development
our services include UX/UI design and IoT product development.
we help you maintain your peoduct and improve it/add features over time.
You can see how such an IoT project is developed in our
IoT solution for smart home and home security case study
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At NeuroSYS we specialize in the internet of things projects

We’re a software house with a dedicated internet of things team, with hands-on experience with smart home and industrial IoT solutions. With all skills you might need under one roof – from product strategy to its development and maintenance – we take responsibility for the finished software product.

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The internet of things projects

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