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One-hour free consultations

We offer short free consultations so you can gain new knowledge about your product and get to know us and the way we work better, no strings attached.

Why is it important?

A look from the outside

Sometimes you just feel the need to be backed up, whether the choice of technology or diagnosis of a problem is concerned. The need for someone who will look from the outside and help you reach a landmark decision.

The topic of your choice

During a one-hour free of charge consultation, we can discuss whatever topic you choose – from a business idea to technical aspects of your product development. It is totally free, no risk involved, and it is you who decides if you want to call us again.
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When might you need a free consultation?

Whenever you don’t know, wonder, or are of two minds about something, one-hour free consultation might help you keep a clear head.
You’re opening a new chapter in the lifecycle of your project and you’re considering its architecture or infrastructure.
You’re looking for a new IT partner – and you want to verify your candidates.
You need to verify your assumptions concerning your business idea, UX/UI, or tech stack.
You want to examine our know-how and communication skills before we start closer cooperation.
You’ve encountered problems in your IT project and are looking for a diagnosis.
You’re on the verge of Digital Transformation.
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Get your one-hour free consultation

Tell us more about your project and problem, and hopefully, we’ll be able to find the best solution.

All you might want to know about one-hour free consultations

How long will it take?

1 hour
This is the most basic duration of a meeting with us, which is completely free of charge. What you need only is an hour of your or your team’s time and ideally a while to prepare. What exactly will be useful, you will find two sections below. If you already know you need more time with our experts, contact us for a free estimation.

The most common topics discussed during one-hour consultation are

Tech stack
The choice of the project technology
The choice of the project architecture
The choice of the tools and project management methodology
Problem diagnosis
A diagnosis of existing problems in the IT project
Digital Transformation
Consultation of possibilities in the Digital Transformation area
Verification of project cost and time consumption
UI/UX consulting for an IT project
Infrastructure consulting – hosting, cloud solutions, migration to the cloud, infrastructure costs
AI and ML
Data analysis and Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning algorithms use
IT systems
Information Technology systems or tools integration

What will be needed to perform a one-hour long consultation?

A topic
If you’re not sure, you can choose from the list above or describe briefly your problem/concern in your message
Technical documentation
If the problem is of technical nature, prior access to existing technical documentation might help
An hour of your undisturbed (online) presence

Who takes part in the audit?

From you
Product Owner
or CTO
or Project Manager
From NeuroSYS

What you will get, that is tangible results

As a result, you’ll get a rough guide to your project progress that encompasses:
summary of our meeting in a form of a memo, describing your needs and proposed solutions, technologies, or tools
a list of open-source libraries/solutions with an indication of their licenses and potential licensing problems
recommendation of further steps, e.g. in the form of products and services
an initial idea of what to do next
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Find out how you can improve your app

Tell us more about your project and we’ll be able to prepare a precise audit timetable to perfect your product.

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