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Build enterprise-grade, cross-platform apps with .NET
.NET is a popular and free software development framework created by Microsoft. It proves to be useful in virtually any kind of software – among others web, mobile, and desktop apps, in most development phases. .NET supports a wide array of programming languages, such as C#, Virtual Basic, F#, C++, and Python.

What is .Net?

A multi-purpose platform

.NET is an open-source developer platform supported by Microsoft. Contrary to a popular misconception, it is a cross-platform framework, used for building different types of applications for various industries – websites, services, and apps on Windows, iOS, and Android. It can be used in web, mobile, desktop, microservices, gaming, machine learning, cloud, and IoT apps.

A variety of programming languages

.NET supports a wide range of programming languages ​​such as C# (most commonly used), Virtual Basic, C++, F#, Python, and more. Apps can be developed on any system – Windows, Linux, and macOS.
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Why you should consider .NET

.NET is an independent, commercially-friendly, and open-source platform.
A grown-up community
A huge community of 60,000 devs stands behind .NET. It’s also easy to find .NET developers.
C# language
Is mature, easy to use and for your devs to learn.
With a big company behind it (Microsoft) it is stable and up to date.
It is a fast and reliable web framework that simplifies the development of modern web apps.
It’s cross-platform – you can deploy .NET apps on Windows and Linux (no need for a Windows license).
A first-class citizen on Microsoft Azure and the second player on the cloud vendors market in the world.

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Features of .NET

.NET has evolved to a cross-platform implementation that can be used to develop applications for Windows, macOS, and multiple distributions of Linux. No matter you work in C#, F#, or Visual Basic, your code will run natively on any compatible operating system. The written code and favorite libraries can be shared across all platforms.
.NET proves to be useful in virtually any kind of software – web apps, cloud environments, docker, desktop apps with UI on many platforms, console apps, and libs. From mobile applications running on Android, iOS, and Windows, to enterprise server applications running on Linux or Windows Server, or large-scale microservices running in the cloud, .NET offers a solution for you.
Although having been created by Microsoft, .NET is an open-source platform with a vibrant yet mature community gathered around it. .NET has over 100,000 contributions from developers and from over 3,700 companies. This means that whenever you’re facing some issues in your project, the chances are high that the community will offer help or the solution already exists.

.NET repositories typically use the MIT or Apache 2 license, some use Creative Commons Attribution 4.0. The documentation, libraries, runtime, compilers, etc. are open-source as well.

Benefits of .NET

With .NET you can build high-performance and secure cross-platform applications.
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Applications taking advantage of .NET provide great performance, better response time, and require less computing power. Actually, it performs faster than many other popular frameworks in terms of e.g. database access or server-side template rendering. The code can be reused across all platforms, thus it shortens the overall development time.
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The .NET platform provides an increased application security thanks to its managed runtime. A collection of services prevent critical issues to alter compiled code. Also, whenever any threats are discovered, updates are released quickly. Not to mention a trusted, multi-billion company standing behind .NET.
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With .NET you can develop high-quality applications faster. This modern framework combined with common APIs, broad class libraries, and mighty tooling (Visual Studio) increases developers’ productivity. Moreover, it is mature and battle-tested with a grown-up community.
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Where to use .NET

Desktop applications
Such as Windows GUI apps, Windows Forms apps, and windows services apps
Service-oriented applications
For example, utilizing a Windows Communication Foundation runtime
Web-based applications
Apps that require integration with multiple partners, XML web services, and websites
Content-driven websites
Built with ASP.NET server-side web application framework
Gaming apps
2D and 3D gaming apps, thanks to great responsiveness and performance
Machine Learning
Enhance your apps with computer vision or speech processing
Apps focusing on data security
Accounting, supply chain management, and warehousing applications
Internet of Things
IoT apps with support for Raspberry Pi
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They use .NET

Being a trusted platform, many well-known international companies take advantage of .NET’s extraordinary features. Some of the examples include:
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At NeuroSYS, we specialize in custom software development.

We offer a broad range of services for streamlining product development, starting from business needs analysis, technical audit to making it market-ready. Having nearly 100 IT specialists on board, we’ve delivered numerous .NET projects for companies from various industries and internally. Our .NET development process fosters our clients’ success while minimizing their risk.

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