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IT and Business consulting services

Build great products with the help of the right people
Before you start investing in product development, design, and coding, the first step should always be business and it consulting services. This phase will help you make the best decisions concerning not only the technical aspects of your application but also your business goals. What tools will serve the project best? How to achieve business security? Will my web app meet changing market conditions? We will help you find all the answers.

IT consulting company

Information technology

Our top it consultants have the necessary experience to deliver information technology solutions and to build outstanding web products. They will help you choose the tools and solutions that will bring real business value to your product.

IT consultation services

We offer it consultation services no matter your business size, from a small business it consulting to multinational corporations. We’ve got experience in industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, automotive, retail, and financial services.
It consulting company

Our IT consulting services include:

Market needs are constantly changing. Thus with it strategy consulting we help you focus on solving your clients’ problems rather than on the tech stack. We offer:
Develop an effective development and go-to-market strategy. Choose the right technology stack.
Review your current processes. Our experienced it service consultant can perform an audit of source code, architecture, cloud infrastructure, app security, and many more.
Digital transformation
An in-depth analysis of business needs leads to digital transformation and innovation.
Technology consulting
Find unconventional solutions taking advantage of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning.
IT consulting and services
An in-depth analysis of business needs leads to digital transformation and innovation.
Help your internal teams in taking an active part in the project. We share our know-how eagerly during event storming sessions or scrum and IT management practical workshops.

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Our approach

The beginning

Most of our clients come to us with an idea, not a technical specification. We transform this need into specific solutions and tools within the consulting process. Usually, it takes place at the very beginning of the app development. If we take over a project in the midst of the process, sometimes we have to take a step back to take a look at the big picture.

IT services consulting

It is it consultancy services that allow us to estimate how much time the project will take and how costly it will be. Based on our vast experience (over 100 sophisticated IT projects completed!), it’s easier to verify the initial assumptions, estimate the risks, and bring value to your project. We believe that it services consulting is a must-have part of every development process.
Our approach

Benefits of IT Consulting for your business

Focusing on goals and vision during the it consulting service brings numerous benefits:
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Improve processes
Optimize and automate your business processes. Boost your team efficiency by reducing mundane daily tasks.
evaluate an idea
Evaluate an idea
Come up with the idea for a new product or evaluate an existing one.
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Improve business security
Outsource tech audits concerning both business and software security.
machine learning icon
Identify opportunities
Find unconventional tools and solutions that will bring real business value to your application, such as AI, computer vision, and machine learning.
cost reduction
Avoid unnecessary costs
Reduce IT and software development costs by choosing the right solutions. Make data-based, tactical business decisions.

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