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An app to automate staff scheduling and time tracking

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Strobbo – a platform to automate staff scheduling and time tracking, with payroll integration, contract and holiday management
Scope of work
Business Needs Analysis, Technical Architecture, Software Development
Node.js, TypeScript, Nest.js, RabbitMQ, Azure, Vue.js

Help companies in staff management

Workforce management is a time-consuming and manifold task. The process of staff scheduling, time tracking, signing contracts, finding a replacement for their holiday or sick leave, etc. engages a lot of resources and requires time-consuming information exchange between appropriate departments or systems. 

The above tasks are even more taxing when it comes to companies operating in the hospitality industry, such as hotels and restaurants, hence a lot of people work there part-time or temporarily, and their availability is a deciding factor in staff planning. 

In Belgium, where the system was created, there’s one external factor contributing to the importance of automation in this field, namely Dimona. It is a document declaring when an employee started and finished their work, and it’s compulsory for all employers to deliver it regularly to the government. Its introduction has added up to the amount of managerial work that has to be done.

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In a nutshell

  • A platform for managers, allowing them for easier staff scheduling and appraising.
  • An app for employees to log in time, ask for a holiday, and determine their availability.
  • Integration with a variety of platforms, such as payroll, POS, and reservation systems.
  • Revenue module for managers to make data-based predictions that are helpful when staff scheduling.

About the project

The system consists of two applications – one of them is devoted to managers (adding users, staff scheduling, time tracking, Dimona reminders, contract signing, payrolling, reporting, data integration) and the other one to employees (checking their schedule, time logging integrated with GPS, holiday requests, availability, applying for open shifts).

App development


Strobbo is a platform to automate staff scheduling and payrolling sold in a SaaS model. It is used to manage staff, particularly in the hospitality industry. The platform allows managers to add users, divide them into groups based on the work areas (such as the kitchen), prepare schedules, send government declarations, track working time and attendance, sign contracts, administer payroll, and use advanced reporting with data-based predictions. It is used both by smaller companies and big, multiple-department ones, among others McDonald’s, Burger King, Pizza Hut, and Holiday Inn.

Strobbo can be integrated with a variety of systems and platforms, such as administration and payroll services, temporary employment agencies, food management systems, POS/cash register systems, and reservation systems. Thus, it becomes one command center, analyzing data from all available sources. This allows managers to schedule staff based on estimated revenue, the productivity of all branches, and employee performance. 

The platform is characterized by multitenant architecture, but the big players, with multiple locations and hundreds of thousands of users can decide on separate databases, which grants them even greater security. We’ve rewritten and polished it, so it can handle multiple users at the same time.

NeuroSYS’s impact on the project has been highly positive. They’ve completely rewritten our existing software and migrated everything to JavaScript, Node.js, and Vue.js. NeuroSYS is an excellent communicator that implements an effective project management process. They understood our business in a quick turnaround and were truly dedicated.

Michael Voorhaen
Product Owner, Strobbo

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