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Don't let technical debt hold you back. Scale your business with AI, ensuring technical, legal, and ethical compliance for your successful future.
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The new AI-reality

Artificial Intelligence will have a revolutionary impact on the business world in the coming years. It will automate complex processes, improve decision-making, and play a major role in new product and service development. 

Until now, the legal challenges of AI technology have been limited to GDPR, but this is expected to change soon with the EU's AI Act. All startups that use AI technology, either in their core product or as a complementary tool, will have to comply with new legislation. If you  aren’t prepared for the new reality, you might risk a costly technical debt.

Ai compliance reality

Scale safely with experts

NeuroSYS and Brækhus have joined forces so you can make use of technical and legal AI expertise in one place. You’ll get assistance in all stages of product development, from startup to international expansion, including support in obtaining funding along the way.
Harness the power of digital transformation with NeuroSYS
At the tech company NeuroSYS, you’ll find 120 experienced programmers, AI engineers, and business developers that can implement customized IT solutions to boost your efficiency, improve user experience, and provide a competitive edge in an increasingly digital world.
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The impact of technical and legal AI expertise
At Brækhus, you'll find lawyers with extensive experience in cyber security, GDPR, IT/software, IoT, and blockchain. Thanks to a deep understanding of the current tech and startup market, they’ll help you with industry-specific contracts and multilateral cross-border IT contract negotiations.
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The impact of technical and legal AI expertise

With our comprehensive AI compliance services, you can
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Transform an AI idea into a full-fledged solution
Scale your AI solution efficiently
Achieve full compliance with the AI Act, Data Act, and GDPR
Address technical challenges that may arise during scaling
Ascertain capital and resource requirements for scaling
Overcome market challenges and identify potential gains
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AI compliance at every business stage

Every business is unique, and so are its needs. You can customize AI services to suit your specific requirements or choose from our pre-designed packages that cover common needs in AI compliance.

Validate the idea

Obtain expert feedback on the extent and appropriateness of AI use at the concept/ideation stage. Our services at this stage include:
  • AI Concept Validation
  • AI Concept Assessment
  • Legal/GDPR Assessment

Legal/GDPR Assessment

At the MVP stage, assess your solution’s purpose, tech choices, areas for improvement, and necessary legal documentation. Our services at this stage include:
  • Technical validation
  • AI training validation
  • GDPR & AI Act evaluation
  • Report and assessment

Review the existing solution

Review ethical, legal, and technical aspects when you’re well on your way in your AI solution development. Get a complete report on your product functionalities and necessary improvements.
  • AI stack review
  • Bias and discrimination verification
  • Dataset and model revision
  • Legal and regulatory compliance assessment
  • Validity and reliability assessment
  • Report and recommendations

Additional AI services

We offer a range of additional services to help you develop your product and contractual frameworks in compliance with GDPR and AI regulations. Get practical advice on your digital initiatives. Our additional services include:
  • Product development and maintenance
  • Data licensing agreements
  • Digital business development
  • AI training
  • Tech due diligence
  • AI SaaS customer agreements
  • AI data processor agreements


Keeping up to date with the latest topics and developments is a breeze when participating in unique events held by Startup Norway and Startup Extreme, two leading entities in the Norwegian startup ecosystem.
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You wouldn’t think that privacy & scalability with AI will get the participants so engaged and hard to stop chatting on the topic. Well done team NeuroSYS & Brækhus.
Verineia codrean
Startup Norway
Verineia Codrean
Head of Sustainability & Strategic Partnerships

Contact us to learn more about tech challenges and AI compliance

Christian bendiksen
Christian Bendiksen
Partner (+47) 918 52 246

Bendiksen heads Brækhus' department for Technology, Industry, and Trade. He has broad international experience, particularly in technology transfer, licensing, and competition law issues related to technology and data.

Christian is among the leading experts in the fields of artificial intelligence, big data streams, neural networks, and IoT, and regularly gives lectures on these topics.

Bastian harbo
Bastian W. Harbo
Head of Sales & Operations (+47) 977 77 209

Harbo leads Neurosys' business development and sales operations in digitalization. He has extensive experience with startups utilizing new technologies such as AR, VR, and AI.

Bastian's strengths include concept development and commercial validation.


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