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Artificial Intelligence & Augmented Reality platform for industrial processes

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Scope of work
Developing the concept of an innovative solution and building a complete platform
Node.js, .NET, React.js, C#, Ant Design, Typescript, NestJs, Redux, Java

NeuroSYS' spin-off

Nsflow is a NeuroSYS answer for Industry 4.0. The idea was to create an all-in-one platform that gives manufacturing industry managers freedom to design and deploy AR applications across various industry operations compatible with many devices (e.g. Hololens, RealWear, Vuzix), even the newest ones – see RealWear Navigator 500. With Nsflow augmented reality is no longer a risky technology investment that requires time-consuming and costly proof of concept. You can get benefits from augmented reality by adopting it straight away, automate and simplify your business processes by cutting the high cost of training workers and standardizing knowledge transfer.

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Using AR in your industry – main advantages

  • No tech skills needed
    You don’t need to be a software developer to create AR-powered business processes automation. Having an idea of the use case is more than enough
  • Easy setup
    The platform can be installed in the cloud or on-premise server.
  • No binding to particular hardware/software
    Create applications that are compatible with any device, software platforms and internal systems (e.g. SCADA, IIoT, MES).
  • The great convergence
    Experience real-life interaction thanks to AI, AR and IoT convergence possible with Nsflow.

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Use of Nsflow

  • hands-on training & onboarding (as an alternative to shadowing)
  • automation of procedures and service instructions
  • facilitating access to knowledge and documentation
  • remote expert assistance
  • process optimization by collecting and analyzing data
  • real-time process control

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