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Build fast and secure web apps with PHP
With PHP, you can build fast, flexible, but foremost pragmatic web applications. This general-purpose scripting language is perfect for building a variety of products – from simple landing pages to the most complex solutions, such as e-commerce, CRM, and other dedicated systems.

What is PHP?


PHP is a general-purpose scripting language particularly suitable for web development – websites and web applications. Although created in 1995, it is still extremely popular among developers. Even more, it is the most popular language in website development, 80% of the most popular ones use PHP.

There is a widespread misconception that it’s suitable for simple websites only, but in fact, the biggest web portals, such as Yahoo! and, have been built with PHP.


PHP is a server-side language, i.e. operations defined in the program are performed on the server side and use server resources, which are usually much larger than those of the user’s computer. (opposite to client-side languages, such as JavaScript).

This feature allows for the dynamic generation of websites, database support and performing complex calculations. Therefore, it is perfect for complex web applications that deal with large amounts of data and that require high performance.
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Why you should consider PHP

PHP is available for free, which reduces the cost of app development and maintenance.
A variety of web apps
It powers any kind of app – from blogs to the biggest web portals.
PHP frameworks (e.g. Symfony, Zend, Laravel) ensure great flexibility and security.
Flexible and adaptable
It provides many options to extend the existing solutions.
Stable and fast
It ensures an earlier return on investment (ROI).
It is popular, accessible, cheap, and easy to set up, with minimal hosting plans.
An extensive community
It is constantly developed and supported by an active developer community, which increases app security.
The pool of developers
It is easier to find a PHP development team, the turnover is smaller, thus it is a safer choice in the long run.

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Features of PHP

Stability and popularity
Being already many years in the market, PHP seems a safe choice for any business. Its popularity is stable and it is constantly developed to meet changing market requirements – and it doesn’t look like it’s going to change.

PHP is the most popular language when it comes to websites. According to the TIOBE index, PHP is in 8th position in terms of language popularity among developers. Great popularity makes it possible to find an online solution to the problem
Contrary to a popular misconception, PHP has a variety of uses. It can power any app from a simple site or blog to the most complex business application. Being so flexible (and open-source), it provides many options to extend the existing solutions and tailor them to your needs.
Many frameworks have been written for PHP that allow for quicker, safer, and cheaper app development. It is worth mentioning Laravel, Symfony, and Zend that simplify the whole process and allow for greater app scalability.
The PHP performance is being gradually improved in subsequent versions. For example, a new PHP 8 version utilizes a JIT (Just-In-Time) technique that enables compiling a program into a machine code just before it is executed. It results in significantly faster performance.

Earlier, a lot of progress had been made in eliminating the dead code, that is the one that will never be executed.
Being an open-source language, it guarantees that every developer can download, use, and modify PHP projects for free. That is why on the Internet you can find ready-made solutions that greatly facilitate the development process.

A community gathered around PHP not only changes existing elements, but also adds new modules that make PHP an increasingly advanced language.

Benefits of PHP

With PHP you can build web applications that are fast and secure.
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PHP is one of the fastest scripting languages (especially from the PHP 7 version on) because of its own memory space. PHP scripts run much faster, so websites or web applications written with it have reduced loading time, data processing time, and server response time. PHP is also extremely quick to set up.
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Many companies create applications using PHP because it is simply cheaper. The language itself is popular and free. It is easy to get started by ISPs with minimal hosting plans, which reduces costs. Even the cheapest (or free) servers support PHP scripts. Not to mention the fact that you can build your PHP dev team at a lower cost compared to other languages.
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The main advantage of the PHP language is its scalability. It can be used by everyone in their projects, from beginners to PHP gurus, from simple websites to extensive systems used on a corporate level that deal with a large amount of data. The spectrum of PHP applications is really wide.
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Where to use PHP

Simple websites
Blogs, company websites, and landing pages
E-commerce solutions
Online stores and marketplaces
Dynamic websites
Displaying different content every time a user visits them
Customer relationship management systems automating e-commerce processes
Content management systems, such as WordPress and Shopify
Enterprise projects
Dedicated systems, such as payment, invoice, warehouse, intranet
Especially MVP building
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They use PHP

Many giant companies take advantage of PHP’s features, which proves its great performance and wide range of applications. These are among others:
At neurosys 1

At NeuroSYS, we specialize in custom software development.

We offer a wide range of services for streamlining product development, starting from the business needs audit to making it market-ready. Having almost one hundred IT specialists on board, we’ve delivered multiple PHP projects for business owners from various industry fields. Our PHP development process lets our clients go smoothly through the project, minimizing any external risks.

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