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Multifunctional web and mobile apps for smart & healthy choices



PureLifeStyle - health and fitness apps
Scope of work
Business Needs Analysis, UI Audit & Consulting, Technical Architecture, Web application Development, Mobile App, Delivery Management
ASP.NET MVC4, ASP.NET Web API, Knockout.js, Bootstrap, BootMetro, SQL Server, PhoneGap

Well-thought-out solution for individuals and professionals

The existing platform (built several years before NeuroSYS got involved) required UI and design refreshment. The platform was initially built on ASP.NET WebForms, so implementation of the new functionalities (users communication, schedules, events and articles for health clubs, etc.) would be time-consuming and inconvenient. Moreover, the required UI refreshment couldn’t be implemented on the old platform.

Our team replaced previous solution with a new web platform for supporting the operation of health clubs, personal trainers, and their clients, as well as iOS and Android mobile apps for the same purpose. New apps are easily configurable, flexible and meet all the client’s needs.

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In a nutshell

  • Modules with various functionalities designed for different groups of users: individuals, fitness clubs, and personal trainers
  • "@ the club" module includes a health club's announcements, timetable, reservation system for attending sports classes, events and articles
  • Module for personal trainers allows managing clients, assigning meal plans and workouts, communication with clients
  • Module for individual users includes food diary, exercise diary, nutrition tables for products, meal plans, workouts goal tracker (body measures tracker, sports activity tracker, etc.), calculators (health, fitness), reports of activities
  • Real-time chat for communication between users, e.g. a trainer and his client
  • Customizable app for various clients and their networks (brand personalization: uploading logo, adding contact details, managing timetable and registration system, color theme selection)

Health and fitness apps for smart choices

PureLifeStyle offers online and mobile exercise, food and goal setting service for health clubs, personal trainers and individual users. Its ultimate health and fitness apps are designed to enable people to make smart choices, with guidance and support from their fitness professional.

Multifunctional web and mobile apps for smart & healthy choices

Creating UI and adding features to a web platform

After a thorough analysis and consulting with the client, we decided to build a new web platform by using a new technology stack based on two main architectural patterns – MVC and MVVM. ASP.NET MVC4 framework was recommended for the back end, and Knockout.js – for the front end. In 2014, when the project was realized, ASP.NET MVC4 was an optimal choice, because it allows easier integration with JavaScript frameworks (one of which we decided to use for creating a new modern UI) and eases designers’ job. Besides, it’s better suited for unit testing, which makes it easier to validate if separate implementations meet business objectives. That suited the client’s business needs well: every feature could be launched as soon as it got verified by the client. Also, such elasticity allowed the client to add new features in the future easily.


“NeuroSYS successfully implemented our platform supporting the operation of health clubs, personal trainers, and their clients. All works were done on schedule and met our high quality standards.”

Carl-Henrik Thorsen
CEO, PureLifeStyle Solutions LTD

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