Our values


We apply QA best practices to achieve high quality and flexibility of the final product. We document our work, so it's possible to take over the project at any stage.


Our clients are a part of the team. We actively involve them and update regularly on the progress. Their opinions are always heard and respected.


Thanks to our Scrum-based production process we stick to the agreed schedule, ensure regular functionality growth and deliver when we commit to deliver.

Based on your business goals we choose the optimal technology stack and tools to support the process

Technologies come and go. Whereas great products need sustainability. We work with the newest, but tried and tested tech that will serve long-term and is easy to maintain. No hype-driven development - only hard math.
& scripting
Node.js, React.js, React Native, .NET Core, PHP - Symfony, Unity
MongoDB, MySQL, MS SQL, DynamoDB, MariaDB
Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure
YouTrack, Jira, GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket
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This way of cooperation proved to increase productivity, speed up time-to-market and test your business ideas in real-time, with no harm to development.
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