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Flexibility is the key

Currently, online businesses have an increasing and incomparable demand for resources. No matter if you need web development or r&d, building your own on-premises server room doesn’t contribute to project security and commercial success.

Today, the key feature is flexibility – being prepared for more traffic on the platform or getting ready to introduce new services. It is possible only with third-party cloud infrastructure providers.

Cloud computing consultants

Regardless of industry, NeuroSYS cloud computing consultants will help you choose the best fit solution for the project. The one that will let you make use of all the benefits of cloud services but foremost build a secure and stable architecture for your app.

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Tomasz Kowalczyk CEO NeuroSYS
Tomasz Kowalczyk
CEO at NeuroSYS

Our cloud computing services include:

Transform your online business with top-notch cloud services consulting to achieve faster innovation and economies of scale.


The primary goal of cloud technology consulting is to assess the economics of different deployment solutions. Cloud infrastructure audits lead to greater security and cost optimization.

Cloud infrastructure

We build cloud and hybrid infrastructure – combining both on-premise and cloud solutions.

Cloud migration

We’ll help you migrate an existing application from on-premise to cloud.


We offer cloud infrastructure monitoring and maintenance so you can sleep safely.

Our approach

Today, cloud computing solutions are a must-have in the digital business world. We use the most popular third-party cloud infrastructure providers:


Amazon Web Services (AWS)

AWS is the biggest and the best cloud provider that offers servers, file storage, and databases. We use it in the vast majority of our cloud computing services projects. As a certified AWS consulting partner, we guarantee technical expertise in the field.


Microsoft Azure

Azure is a cloud computing service used to build and manage applications. As Microsoft partners, we’ve got cloud computing consultants specializing in Azure as well.


Benefits of cloud computing solutions

NeuroSYS helps you make the most out of a high-performing cloud environment and benefit from its long list of advantages:



A scalable and flexible infrastructure is only possible thanks to the cloud servers. They provide almost unlimited computing power. Thus, apps can be deployed and expanded instantly.

security icon


Cloud computing consultancy helps you achieve greater security. This level of service is unattainable compared to regular, on-premise servers.

cost reduction

Cost reduction

Cloud infrastructure offers highly competitive prices because you don’t have to buy and maintain network infrastructure on your own. Moreover, the monthly costs are easy to estimate – with no surprises.

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