What is product design?

Digital product design describes a full process of web and mobile product creation. The definition covers all stages from ideation, market analysis, product creation, commercialization, to its development in time. The focus is on solving specific customers’ problems and addressing their needs, which we commonly call a market opportunity.

We need to understand the end-user and analyze their patterns of online behavior. So, when created, our product is simply the best fit. The key to a successful product is blending these needs with your business goals.


The components of product design

The paramount aim of digital product design is to deliver complete products that are relevant, helpful, and solve users’ problems.

Product design consulting

A proper business analysis should always be the starting point of product design and development. You come to us with an idea and since every case is somehow different, it needs to be validated first. At this point we try to learn as much as we can about your organization, the very idea, and your customers, conducting user research.

We do it based on collecting already existing data, workshop sessions, and interviews. Having done all that, we can put forward a solution – a design and development plan.

Architecture design

Architecture design is to map all product functionalities and features and allocate them to the physical app components. Its aim is to get to know the arrangements of elements and the way they interact before you move to the implementation stage.

Often, the process allows you to look holistically at your product, follow users’ paths, and identify any possible mistakes/misconceptions ahead of time. Well-thought-out architecture plays an important role in design and development that take place afterward.

UX/UI design

The user interface is crucial, because it is the layer of your app that your customers interact directly with. It includes all kinds of visual elements that have to be designed, such as images, text fields, buttons, colors, shapes, fonts, as well as interactions and transitions. User experience deals with the way users interact with the app, how the interface is organized, and, simply, how it works.

User experience and user interface design determine the overall look and feel of your web or mobile app. UX/UI translates directly into conversions – and the success of your digital product. If it has been well designed, the experience is so smooth that it’s almost unnoticeable. However, designed poorly, it can kill the whole product. Either no one wants to use it, because it’s disagreeable, or they don’t know how, because it’s so unintuitive.


Prototyping solutions are crucial when it comes to the idea and particular features validation. An incomplete version of your software helps you to understand the product better, detect any flaws, test it with the first users, verify their interest, gather feedback, and make necessary improvements that will take your product to a higher level – without any prior web development.

Prototyping plays a huge role in reducing the risk of your IT project and can save you a lot of money, e.g. not developing redundant features. A clickable app prototype for tests, with UI/UX, can be developed for less than 10% of the overall project budget. Prototypes may be also required when you apply for funding or want to convince your business partners to the idea.

MVP building

The concept of Minimum Viable Product has always been close to our heart and it applies not only to startups but also any product development. MVP is the first functional version of your application narrowed down to the crucial functionalities only – that can be presented to your users.

MVP building requires you to prioritize features and platforms and focus on just must-haves. Its aim, apart from minimizing risk and the cost at the initial stage, is to validate the idea early on, see how your customers use your product in reality, and to verify the customer acquisition cost. It can be used as a bargaining chip when talking with potential investors.


As soon as the design stage is complete, there comes time for frontend and backend development in a technology best matching your business needs. The sound choice includes Node.js, .NET, PHP, Java, React.js, Angular.js for web applications, and Java, Objective C, React Native for mobile development.

We will help you choose the best technologies and solutions to maximize your app effectiveness and increase sales. But first, we’ll create a step-by-step development plan, with goals and deliverables placed on a timeline, to ensure a predictable delivery process.

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Features of our product design services

Find out what your business can gain with a well-thought-out product design process.

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Work in sprints

Product design, especially after the MVP stage, can take up even several months. To be able to manage such a project effectively, we divide it into subprojects. Each part lasts 1-2 sprints and delivers a small but fully functional product feature.

You gain more control over the tasks and can react when some external factors come into play that might change your initial strategy. This way, it is also easier for you to change the deliverables underway.

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Our solutions are designed and built to meet the needs of the constantly changing business landscape and users’ needs. To achieve that, they are fully customizable to be able to bring a unique user experience – one of a kind in the market.

It applies to the overall look and feel, functionalities, and the choice of solutions. We don’t believe in the ready-made, one-size-fits-all products, because both you and your customers have unique needs, tastes, and goals.

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The latest technologies

Our team not only specializes in web and mobile development but also has vast experience with augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), or artificial intelligence and machine learning (computer vision and natural language processing (NLP)).

We’ve got a dedicated research and development department that deals with more complex, unconventional solutions. We help businesses build truly innovative products taking advantage of the latest technologies.

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You build your product intending to grow it over time and gain an increasing number of customers. When it happens, your app performance and speed can’t be compromised.

Scalability means that the product is able to handle more and more users and it can be developed further on by adding new features, without the need to rewrite the code.

Our product design process

Our product design process consists of three stages that let our clients minimize the risk and costs of their applications.



We analyze user needs, define your challenge, conduct a workshop session and propose a product roadmap divided into subprojects.



We run product design workshops and translate your business needs into user interfaces.



We implement designs into fully functional products that are flexible and scalable.

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We offer a full scope of product design services – from consulting, research, throughout design, to development and testing. Hence we take care of every single stage of your project, we also take full responsibility for the final product’s look and feel, performance, and its further development.
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