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E-learning application to master math


An educational app – project overview

Matflix – an e-learning B2C application that helps students to master math
Scope of work
UX/UI, Business Needs Analysis, Technical Architecture, Software Development, Mobile App
Node.js React.js React Native AWS TypeScript, Nest, Elasticsearch, Google OCR API, Maria DB, Google Cloud

Help students to master math

The idea for the application was born in a teacher’s head. He had noticed one major problem with math education and wanted to help kids. Namely, there are many tasks in textbooks to solve but students are left with the desired outcome only. Thus, they struggle to achieve the result, having no idea how to do it exactly and why so.

Knowing that, he came with an idea to build an application that shows students how to solve mathematical problems – explaining each task and revealing how it should be done step by step. As a result, they can not only solve tasks correctly but most importantly finally understand maths.

We’ve built the startup’s MVP which, with practically no marketing budget, has been downloaded 156,000 times and acquired PLN 1.7 million to develop the e-learning platform further.

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In a nutshell

  • A mobile app (iOS, Android) for students to master maths – for primary and secondary schools.
  • Scan ISBN to add the textbooks in use.
  • Task recognition mechanism (OCR) – just take a picture, no need to enter anything manually.
  • A web app (dashboard) for administrators to manage textbooks and add new math tasks.

Mobile app structure

The system consists of two modules – one of them is devoted to administrators (adding textbooks, particular math tasks, and solutions to the database) and the other one to students (browse books, scan ISBN, scan tasks, see the solutions). The mobile app can be downloaded free from App Store and Google Play.

Math application
app downloads
registered users
resolved tasks
1.7 milion
investment acquired

Understanding math has never been easier

Since mobile is a natural habitat for today’s kids and they’ve got their phones always at hand, we advised our client to create only a mobile app in the first release.

With the Matflix app, students can easily find the math tasks from their textbooks and see how they should be solved – step by step and with a helpful explanation. What’s important, the answers are provided by real teachers. Its outstanding feature, scanning tasks with a smartphone camera instead of searching for them manually, was a real game changer that made the app so effortless to use.

The app has been downloaded 156,000 times, has 156,000 registered users, 47 math books and 32,219 tasks solved by teachers in its database. The MVP allowed the acquisition of PLN 1.7 mln to develop the platform. Matflix aims at becoming a comprehensive educational e-solution with mini-podcasts attached to particular tasks in which teachers will explain solutions like they do in school.

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