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Are you looking for an AI consultant to propel your business to new heights? Your search stops here!
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Our Research & Development team specializes in a wide array of AI-based solutions, such as:

Machine Learning
Computer Vision
Natural Language Processing
Augmented Reality
AI-based system development
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Meet our R&D team

Our dedicated, 15-person research and development team solves real-world problems with artificial intelligence, deep learning, and augmented reality.

The benefits of hiring an external AI Consultant

No matter your industry sector, whether it's manufacturing, healthcare, pharma, aquaculture, agriculture, or any other field, our AI solutions are designed to assist you in automating operations, interpreting data, and uncovering new growth opportunities.
Wide-ranging expertise

Our AI consultant brings a wealth of specialized knowledge and expertise to your solution. They are well-versed in the latest trends, technologies, and best practices and have experience working on diverse AI projects, which allows them to offer valuable insights and guidance throughout the process.

Ai consultant expertise

Our AI consultants prioritize objectivity in their approach. As external professionals, they examine your business needs impartially, free from internal biases or preconceived ideas. This enables them to propose AI solutions genuinely tailored to your unique business context, driving growth and competitiveness through solutions that are customized to your exact requirements.

Ai consultant objectivity

AI consultants provide strategic direction, helping navigate the complex landscape of artificial intelligence. They identify the AI opportunities that align best with your business objectives and chart a path to leverage these technologies for maximum benefit. This guidance not only facilitates efficient resource allocation but also ensures your business stays at the forefront of AI-driven innovation.

Ai consultant efficiency

Our AI consultants aim to streamline your business processes and boost overall efficiency. By applying artificial intelligence solutions tailored to your unique business needs, they help automate routine tasks, optimize resource allocation, and minimize errors. This targeted deployment of AI drives operational efficiency, enabling your business to achieve higher productivity while saving time and cost.

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Our AI services

With our consulting services, you can leverage the power of artificial intelligence to boost productivity, improve customer satisfaction, and make more informed and data-driven decisions.
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We apply the latest scientific innovations to optimize and boost your business operations in the present

Major R&D areas
Artificial Intelligence
AI is aimed at creating a simulation of human intelligence by machines. Adopting it helps to fine-tune business forecasting, optimize research and development, fully automate or perform various functions at a lower cost and of higher quality.
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Machine Learning
Creating, deploying, and managing machine learning models used to solve a wide scope of problems, such as natural language processing, image recognition, fraud detection, and predictive maintenance. Created models can be customized for specific needs and integrated with other applications, enabling accurate and reliable results.
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Deep Learning
Neural networks, used in DL, self-learn based on existing data to find patterns and generate predictions about new data. This made already widely used computer vision, speech recognition, and natural language processing possible.
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Agumented Reality
Enhancing the real surrounding with computer-generated data drastically changes the way how idea testing, demos, training, manufacturing, business workflows and many other processes look like.
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Robotic Process Automation
RPA automates processes with software "bots" that learn and mimic human actions. This unburdens staff from tedious tasks and allows them to focus on more meaningful work. Embrace the digital workforce and improve efficiency with RPA.
Natural Language Processing
Natural language processing involves the use of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and linguistics to enable machines to identify and comprehend human language, which can be difficult due to exceptions, ambiguities, and contextual nuances.
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Recommender systems
Recommender systems are utilized across different industries to provide users with personalized recommendations based on their preferences, previous actions, ratings, and interests. By suggesting relevant content, they aim to boost sales and engagement.
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Computer Vision
Computer vision algorithms are used to recognize people, places, and objects to collect information, analyze it, and build innovative products. Computer vision solutions support process automation and informed decision-making based on the analysis of collected data.
Predictive modeling
Usage of statistical and machine learning algorithms to predict future events and behaviors based on historical data. Predictive modeling is used in various applications, identifying patterns and relationships beyond what is visible to the naked eye. The technique leverages aggregated data to provide insights enabling informed decisions based on accurate predictions about the future.
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Big data analysis
The combination of unstructured, semistructured, and structured data makes for a priceless asset to utilize in business and scientific operations. Big data brings together data from various sources and applications and its analysis enables uncovering hidden patterns to make better-informed decisions based on in-depth insights.
Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure are cloud computing services meant for developing, testing, and deploying applications. Flexible and cloud solutions support the automation and optimization of mundane operations, contributing to faster decision-making and increased productivity.
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Data Processing
Data processing allows converting its given forms into usable structures, enabling extracting and organizing insights from carried-out operations, discovering dependencies, and seeing the bigger picture behind collected data.
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Audio processing
Artificial intelligence algorithms are used for audio signal processing, recognizing multiple sound categories and human languages. Machine learning solutions understand patterns, distinguish, and interpret sounds recorded by digital devices to be utilized in message dictation, voice communication, and numerous applications across industries.
R&D Consulting Services
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The consultation process

Our AI consultants focus on the following four stages to tailor the approach to your needs.
We analyze your goals and decide if we can achieve them with AI.
We recommend algorithms, technologies, and tools.
We create a work plan and timeline and estimate the budget.
We gather relevant data and develop, train, and validate AI models.

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