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PART I: Artificial intelligence explained
  • Expectations vs reality
  • Artificial intelligence in everyday life
  • The essence of AI
  • The difference between AI, ML, and DL
PART II: How to put AI to use
  • General AI business uses
  • AI in the pharmaceutical industry
  • AI in the manufacturing industry
  • AI in the automotive industry
  • AI in the food industry
  • AI in the education sector
PART III: How to start an AI project
  • How to start an AI project
  • Encompass unpredictability and minimize the risk
  • Stages of AI project development
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Artificial intelligence has indeed become a buzzword, not only in a business setting but also in public debate. It is used at every turn, but how it really works seems not yet clear.

We hope that this read will leave you with a concrete idea on how to benefit from AI in your business to make it stronger and more secure.

The authors

This ebook is an effect of collaborative work.
It wouldn’t be possible without:
Tomasz Kowalczyk
Piotr Ziemba NeuroSYS
Piotr Ziemba
Head of Development
Marcel Kasprzak
Marcel Kasprzak
Managing Director
Tomasz Golan NeuroSYS
Tomasz Golan
R&D Manager
Jaroslaw_pawlowski_machine learning researcher
Jarosław Pawłowski
Machine Learning Researcher
Sylwia Majchrowska
Deep Learning Researcher
Marta_dunajko_content marketing manager
Marta Dunajko
Content Marketing Specialist
content marketing specialist
Jowita Kessler
Content Marketing Specialist
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