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React Native development services

Build good-looking, multi-platform apps using React Native
With React Native, you can build truly powerful mobile applications that can be deployed to iOS and Android simultaneously, using the same codebase. This translates into great time and resources savings. React Native will be a smart choice for most apps, from simple to more sophisticated ones.

What is React Native?


React Native is a framework that allows building native applications for both iOS and Android (actually, as well as macOS and Windows). Contrary to what it might suggest, React Native doesn’t function as a different version of React.js, but it is powered by it. That’s why if you use React.js for your web application, you can utilize React Native for your mobile or desktop app.


React Native is supported by Facebook and Instagram, and has an extensive development community standing behind it. It allows developers to build mobile apps using JavaScript only and can be used in a variety of React.js code libraries. It allows upholding a single cross-platform codebase while maintaining performance very close to that of the native languages of Android and iOS.
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Why you should consider React Native

It’s an open-source framework so there are no royalty fees for using it.
App speed
It’s almost as fast as a native code (you shouldn’t see a difference).
Open-source packages
It grants access to an extensive open-source package base
It’s multi-platform – you can deploy React Native apps on both iOS and Android.
Stable development
Being created by Facebook, it guarantees stable development.
A thriving community
Huge community standing behind React Native, it’s the 6th most popular framework among developers (Stack Overflow).
Fast development
It allows fast app building.
Native appearance
It provides a native look and feel.

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Features of React Native

Native apps with Javascript
With React Native you write code with JavaScript but the final application gets rendered to native UI components (unlike WebView-based frameworks like PhoneGap or Ionic). It creates the feeling of using a native application (native look and feel), even if the logic is implemented by the JavaScript code. Also, React Native developers can choose what language they want to use for the app, so no matter if the app is created with JavaScript or TypeScript in the end it’s always converted to native system components.
One application can be developed for both leading mobile systems – iOS and Android. You don’t need 2 separate development teams for 2 native applications, because the same devs can write across all mobile operating systems.
Native Modules
Sometimes the same code may work fine on one platform but needs to be treated differently on another. This is where Native Modules become handy. If a low-level hardware integration is needed we can inject native code into the React Native application. Also, whenever performance is the most important, we are not limited to JavaScript usage and we can use 100% of native system features.
Although having been created by Facebook, React Native is an open-source framework with a vibrant community gathered around it. It takes part in developing RN libraries and adding new tools. This means that whenever you’re facing some issues in your project, the chances are high that the community will help (if it hasn’t solved your problem already).

Benefits of React Native

With React Native you can build multi-platform applications quickly and cost-efficiently.
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The speed of React Native development is multifaceted. It results from having one development team and one codebase that is deployed on multiple platforms. Moreover, a thriving community translates into plenty of ready-made solutions, so you don’t have to develop them from scratch.
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React Native provides high app performance. While JavaScript will never be as fast as native code, these differences are unlikely to be ever noticeable to an average user. However, if they are, the problem can be solved by transferring selected code parts to Native Modules.
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Multi-platform app development can be up to 40% cheaper than building separate native apps. It comes down not only to code reuse and a smaller dev team, but also to maintenance costs, the effort needed for constant upgrades, and adding new features when the app is published.
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Where to use React Native

Apps with streamlined UI
The final application gets rendered to native UI components.
Cross-platform applications
The app layout works similarly across iOS, Android, and Web.
Apps associated with lifestyle
An efficient solution reaching both platforms through one code-base.
E-commerce apps
Well-built, flexible, and high-performing apps.
Events and conferences apps
Replacing company catalogues and collecting lineups, schedules, and conversations.
Apps without heavy use of hardware APIs
Apps that don’t use numerous native APIs, so you avoid writing bridges.
Working prototypes and MVP apps
To test your concept on different platforms.
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They use React Native

Many renowned international companies take advantage of React Native’s extraordinary features. Just have a look at:

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We offer a comprehensive range of services for streamlining product development, starting from business analysis, technical audit to making it market-ready.

Having almost 100 IT experts on board, we’ve delivered numerous React Native projects for companies from various industries. Our React Native development process fosters our clients’ success while minimizing their risk.

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