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AI-powered assistant to help car dealers and service providers

Ai car assistant


Scope of work
Developing a virtual car assistant taking advantage of artificial intelligence – UX/UI, architecture, software development (frontend and backend), cloud, delivery management.
PHP, React, AWS, Symfony, API Platform, PHPUnit, Behat, Psalm, TypeScript, Storybook, Docker, Auth0, i18next, GitLab, Dialogflow, Sentry

The idea behind car assistant automation

Customer service in the automotive industry faces a few main challenges – that can be easily answered with technology. Different customers ask the same questions, they show less and less patience – want their answers immediately and get irritated quickly, and since there are a lot of questions, answering them manually is expensive and slow. 

A response to all these challenges is automated, AI-powered virtual assistants. They can work 24/7, are scalable (can hold hundreds of conversations at the same time), and rarely make mistakes. This way, there are more human resources left to serve specific, untypical problems of car owners that might be hard for artificial intelligence to deal with. 

Thus, for our client, we’ve built a bot that is used by car dealership websites. It assists their end customers in car purchase and service, and answers their questions. As a result, the car owners and buyers can be served accurately and faster, and car dealers can relieve their employees from mundane, repetitive tasks. 

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Our bot in a nutshell

  • An AI-powered car assistant for dealership websites.
  • The widget can be easily integrated with any existing website, including adjusting colors and fonts to the existing design.
  • It is possible to order a dedicated assistant, in accordance with the corporate culture.
  • The chatbot can be integrated with the most well-known car databases and external platforms for arranging service visits.
  • A dealership console for administrators allows them to review chats and manage leads.

More about the project

Behind what may seem to be just a chatbot, there actually is a whole system powered with artificial intelligence, multiple integrations with external providers, and a panel devoted to administrators. Together with multiple language versions, it all makes the project complex and challenging. 

AI car assistant bot
car photos uploaded
cars in the system

The solution

Our AI-powered bot works 24/7 and can serve hundreds of clients at the same time. It is able to recognize the context of the conversation and respond automatically by matching answers to common questions or by arranging a service visit.

In particular, our bot can:

  • sell cars picking the best match, based on client criteria, such as brand, color, age, and mileage – and arranging a visit in the showroom
  • arrange service visits in auto repair facilities
  • make an appointment to replace a car with a newer model
  • answer common questions, such as car showroom opening hours

The system has an independent management console, where admins have access to all gathered information – chats, visits, and contact detail – and can manage the visits further on. 

It can be integrated with not only popular external systems, but also a mailbox and its default calendar – simple as that. In practice, it means that our chatbot can be – and more and more often is – used even by small car repair shops. 

With the AI-powered assistant, car dealers and car repair shops can serve their clients quickly and efficiently, saving their human resources for more complex issues. The car owners are more satisfied with the service, getting answers to their questions and booking appointments in a matter of seconds. 

Currently, the system is used by over 50 clients in over 400 locations. Its users have uploaded 130,000 car photos so far. There are 3 language versions, with more to come.

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