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Intelligent System for Precise Windshield Installation

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A car service company
Scope of work
Development of a system for the precise installation of car windshield
Python, NumPy, OpenCV, Open3D, Trimesh, Pyoints

The idea of a system for the precise installation of car glass

Lack of precision in installing car windshield is a significant problem that can have many negative consequences. Imprecise windshield installation may cause leaks, resulting in water leakage and noise while driving. Additionally, it can affect the vehicle’s overall structural integrity, as car windshield often act as a significant structural strengthening element. Improperly installed windshield can also cause safety problems, for example, by weakening the vehicle’s structure in the event of an accident, especially in the case of windshield that are an integral part of the airbag system.

The system developed using Python, NumPy, OpenCV, Open3D, Trimesh, and Pyoints aims to solve this problem by ensuring high precision in automotive glass installation. Using advanced image processing techniques (OpenCV) and spatial data analysis (Open3D, Trimesh, Pyoints), the application can accurately identify the correct position and orientation of the glass and direct the practical and precise application of assembly adhesive. This allows the assembly to be carried out with extreme accuracy, minimizing the risk of the previously mentioned problems.

This system, using advanced algorithms and 3D data analysis, also enables automatic adjustment of the assembly process to the individual tolerances of each vehicle. Additionally, by increasing the precision of assembly, the application contributes to improving the overall quality and durability of the car and increasing the comfort and safety of users.

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In a nutshell

  • Analysis of the limitations and challenges of current assembly methods.
  • Development of software architecture and selection of appropriate technologies.
  • Creating image processing algorithms using OpenCV to identify and track reference points on the glass.
  • Validation of system operation in real conditions.


The system designed to solve the problem of imprecise adhesive application on automotive glass effectively addresses this issue through advanced technologies and precision methods. Here are the key ways in which the application has resolved this problem:


  • Advanced Visualization and Data Analysis: The system utilizes image processing algorithms to accurately map the surface where the adhesive needs to be applied. Thanks to this solution, it can precisely determine the best glue application trajectory.
  • Automation of the Application Process: By employing automation, the system ensures uniformity and repeatability in the adhesive application process, minimizing the risk of human error.
  • Real-Time Feedback and Correction: The system can provide real-time feedback and adjust the adhesive application trajectory, ensuring high precision and consistency.
  • Adaptability to Different Glass Models: The system is programmed to work with various models and shapes of glass, allowing for flexible adaptation to diverse production needs.
  • Optimization of Material Usage: Precise application of adhesive means less waste of material, which is economically beneficial and aligns with sustainable development principles.
  • Increased Production Throughput: A faster and more precise adhesive application process contributes to the increased overall efficiency of car service work.


As a result, this system significantly improves the quality of automotive glass installation, reduces the risk of errors, increases production efficiency, and enhances overall customer satisfaction.

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