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A Global Marketplace for Renting Offices A Global Marketplace for Renting Offices


Scope of work
Development of a portal for renting office space and hotdesk - technical architecture, software development (frontend and backend), cloud infrastructure
React, React Query, dnd-kit, TinyMCE, Google Maps API, Next.js, MUI, Hubspot API, Node.js, NestJS, TypeScript, PostgreSQL

The Idea of an Office Rental Marketplace

Renting office space or a hotdesk is essential for a new company, startup, or sole proprietorship. However, traditional office space rental for many years involves high risks. The inflexibility of rented office space has become a challenge in the industry. Typically, lease agreements last for several years, and the company, regardless of profitability, is still forced to incur rental costs. As a result, the office space stands empty, and the company loses money. Some newly established companies are also looking for their own space but want to avoid signing a multi-year contract.

We have created a flexible office and hotdesk rental platform for our client in response to these challenges. The system allows you to publish advertisements on various platforms with precise locations, thus saving time and resources that can be better spent on direct customer service – answering their detailed inquiries and presenting them with available office space with a specific offer of flexible rental.

Vogl, is not just a listing service; it’s an all-encompassing ecosystem for office rentals. Through its intuitive interface, clients can effortlessly browse for offices and hotdesks that meet their specific needs. This is especially beneficial for dynamic businesses that may require different spaces as they grow or shift focus.

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In a nutshell

  • Portal for flexible office and hotdesks rental
  • JS based static, SEO-friendly platform
  • Administration panel for managing offices, teams and website content
  • Different language versions

What Features Make this Platform Successful

Admin Panel:

  • Frontend Technologies: The admin panel is built using React, a popular JavaScript library for building user interfaces. It also utilizes React Query for efficient data fetching, and Dnd-kit for drag-and-drop capabilities.
  • UI Components: MUI (Material-UI) is used for designing the user interface, providing a suite of UI tools for a more responsive and visually appealing experience.
  • Content Editing: Tinymce, a web-based JavaScript HTML WYSIWYG editor, is employed for editing content on various pages like the blog, team, and “about us”.
  • Maps Integration: Google Maps API is integrated for address validation and geolocation services when adding or editing building information.
  • Database and Backend: The backend of the admin panel is built using Node.js with NestJS, a progressive Node.js framework, and TypeScript. The database is PostgreSQL with GIS (Geographic Information System) extensions, enhancing its capabilities for handling location-based data.


Client Application:

  • Frontend Framework: The client-side application is developed using Next.js, a React framework that enables server-side rendering and generating static websites.
  • Frontend Technologies: Similar to the admin panel, it also uses React Query for data management and MUI for the user interface.
  • Form Management: Formik is utilized for handling forms, ensuring a smooth user experience in form submissions.
  • Maps and Location Services: Google Maps API is integrated for displaying maps and location data. Additionally, addresses are fetched from Google Map Places, and user locations are determined using based on their IP addresses.
  • CRM Integration: The application connects to HubSpot, a customer relationship management (CRM) platform, for managing customer interactions and data.


Overall Architecture:

  • The architecture of Vogl involves a backend service that is queried both from the front-end client application (built with Next.js) and the back-office/admin panel (built with React).
  • The backend service, as mentioned, is constructed using Node.js, NestJS, and TypeScript, with PostgreSQL featuring GIS extensions for the database.

More about

Vogl is a dynamic platform designed to streamline managing, searching, and renting office space and hotdesks. Behind the platform is a whole tech stack that supports the application’s administration panel and the frontend website addressed to the user. The innovative approach integrates various technologies and APIs to provide administrators and users with ease of use, accuracy, and efficiency for the entire platform. Additionally, different language versions make the whole thing more technologically advanced. A Global Marketplace for Renting Offices


From scratch, we have created an international platform that provides and rents office premises and hotdesks. The platform consisted of a user page and an administration panel. Both are backed by the cloud-hosted services and databases.

The platform, available to users looking for offices and hotdesks, allows you to search for properties by the address we have integrated with Google Map Places or by your location using the device’s IP. There is a Google Maps map available on the platform, which shows available offices in the nearest location. The user can view details of the office and building and contact Vogl employees by filling out a form supported by Hubspot. In the application visible to the user, a blog is visual, which is displayed based on the language in the application, an “About us” page, and a “Career” page for recruitment. Appropriate Privacy Policies and Regulations link the whole thing.

The administrator panel in the Vogl platform has been adapted to share buildings, offices, and hotdesks. When adding or editing an office, its address is downloaded using the Google Map Places API, so the data is correct and up-to-date. There is also a space here for adding blog posts and information about the team in the “About Us” tab.

Collaborating with NeuroSYS has been a professional experience, and we are thrilled to have partnered with them. What I value the most is their realistic project estimations, coupled with their service-oriented management and developers. With our headquarters located in Oslo, it was crucial for us that NeuroSYS offered the flexibility and opportunity to select a Norwegian project manager. This allowed us to concentrate on our core business. cannot speak highly enough of NeuroSYS.

Simen Strandos
Finance Manager,

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