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Technical Audit

It is an exhaustive assessment of your application, paying meticulous attention to code quality, key functionalities, proper documentation, and security issues.

Why is it important?

Optimizing the processes

The aim of technical audit is to detect any vulnerabilities of the system, your Achilles heel, and propose a way to optimize the processes, for example automate development or optimize the costs of cloud solutions.

New perspective

Outsider’s perspective will cast new light on your application and help you verify your suppliers or internal team. This way, you can make better business decisions concerning further development of your product and reduce the risk of cyber threats.
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When might you need a technical audit?

There are several occasions when you may consider a technology audit
You’ve got the first version of your app developed, such as MVP, and you’re wondering what the next steps should be
When you encounter problems with your application that you don’t know how to solve or you can’t solve yourself.
You consider rewriting the code, changing technology, or a cloud solution provider.
Your app has grown so big that you need to optimize the costs or dev process to be more effective.
You’ve got doubts about your current software provider or want to verify your internal IT team.
You’re concerned about security issues and want to verify your application’s vulnerability to hacking.
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Get a free estimation of your app audit

Tell us more about your project and we’ll be able to prepare a precise audit cost estimation and a timetable.
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All you might want to know about a technical audit

How long will it take?

20 to 40 hours
The process, depending on the size of your app, the code length, and the number of functionalities to be audited, will take from 25 up to 40 hours. Do you need to know the exact number? Contact us for a free estimation.

The key aim is to verify the technical condition of your application

The quality of the source code
Particularly in the context of further app development or maintenance
How it works
If the application works properly and efficiently
Choice of technology and tools
Whether the tech stack, tools, and ready-made libraries that have been chosen fit your business requirements
Licences and open-source solutions
License compliance of the libraries used (verification of the licenses and if the use of open-source solutions is correct)
Software documentation
The level of software documentation or compliance of the documentation with the actual state
App security
Application vulnerability to hacking (security vulnerabilities in libraries, SQL injection, XSS, bad security practices in the code, such as plaintext passwords, etc.)

What will be needed?

A demo of your application
With a description of its functionalities, as detailed as possible, carried out by a business person, preferably a Product Owner
Technical documentation
Access to the existing technical documentation to assess it in detail
Source code
Access to the source code, with or without comments

Who takes part in the audit?

From you
Product Owner
or CTO
or Project Manager
From NeuroSYS
Architect and Senior Developer specializing in the given technology

What you will get, that is tangible results

As a result, you’ll get a thorough audit report that encompasses:
Description of the overall state of the application and the code quality
A list of comments and recommendations regarding the code quality and the selection of libraries
A list of potential vulnerabilities (known vulnerabilities, SQL injection, XSS, etc.)
A list of comments and recommendations for improving the application architecture
Description of specificity and relevance of the documentation
A list of open-source libraries/solutions with an indication of their licenses and potential licensing problems
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Find out how you can improve your app

Tell us more about your project and we’ll be able to prepare a precise audit timetable to perfect your product.
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