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Augmented reality for industrial processes automation

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Internal R&D project partially funded by The National Centre for Research and Development
Scope of work
Developing deep learning algorithms for 6D object pose estimation, speech enhancement, keyword spotting and gesture recognition to be used on our AR platform for industrial processes automation.
Deep Neural Networks, Image Processing, Object Detection, Image Segmentation, Object 6D Pose Estimation, Domain Adaptation, Domain Randomization, Perspective-n-Point, Keyword Spotting, Speech Denoising, Hand Detection and Gesture Recognition
Python, PyTorch, C++, TensorFlow, OpenCV, Robotic Operating System, Yaskawa and Fanuc robotic arms, MoveIt library, Unreal Engine

Streamlining production processes with AR and ML

Within this internal R&D project, partially funded by The National Centre for Research and Development, we are developing the system for streamlining production processes using augmented reality (AR) and machine learning.

Our solution aims to increase the efficiency of employees working with advanced production machines, facilitate the transfer of knowledge and reduce the level of training required for effective service work. It can also be used as a training platform for new employees.

Read more about our AR platform in nsFlow case study.

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In a nutshell

  • displaying info about the device within the operator’s field of view
  • providing instructions regarding cyclical inspections, setups, maintenance, service, etc.
  • „virtual inspection” of devices with the help of visualised readings from IoT sensors
  • remote consultation with an expert with the possibility to annotate an augmented image
  • employee navigation within the work environment
AR for industrial processes

DL algorithms for 6D pose estimation

We develop deep learning algorithms for 6D pose estimation, which can be trained on synthetic data generated based on CAD models, so our solution can be a good fit for clients’ needs. To ensure accuracy of our methods in real-life we collect video recordings using robotic arms (so it is feasible to annotate objects with their 3D position and orientation on every frame).

We also create our own database for speech enhancement and keyword spotting (in English and Polish) to develop our solutions for speech denoising and commands recognition.

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