Solid, easily scalable & flexible custom IoT platform

Onesti Gen 1 application – Safe4‘s white label product – couldn’t keep up with the growing business needs: it proved to be hard to scale and customize for different partners’ needs, as well as support the growing number of users. Besides, client needed independence from external IoT platform and hardware providers, so the new solution also was needed.

NeuroSYS has built the new generation Onesti app from scratch by using modern architecture (based on microservices) that allowed it to be easily scalable and flexible, as well as powerful enough to handle a large number of users and functionalities.

Our engineers replaced the external IoT platform with in-house one, which together with the new main hardware component (a gateway) helped client to become more autonomous: now it’s possible to modify the software installed on the gateway, so that it can be adjusted to the client’s needs anytime.

In a nutshell

  • Manageable, scalable and customizable managed IoT platform based on microservices architecture
  • Mobile application for end users
  • Smart home and security devices integration (heat, smoke, flood, motion, window & door sensors, smart plug, siren, door lock and others)
  • Alarm Receiving Center integration and other integrations for partners
  • Partner Console for monitoring system status and providing support to end users
  • Comprehensive AWS infrastructure management and multilevel support

About the project - what is Onesti?

Onesti offers a solution that allows to monitor and control smart home and home security devices and sensors from anywhere. The system consists of the IoT gateway and devices, the IoT platform, a mobile app for the end users, Partner Console – web application allowing partners and administrators to manage their customers and provide support. Its parent company – Safe4 Security Group – is an international technology corporation with strong expertise in security and alarm handling services.

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New IoT platform based on the microservice architecture

The NeuroSYS team audited the first generation of the client’s software and identified the bottlenecks. The system’s architecture was monolithic and thus hard to scale and adapt to the growing client’s needs (new functionalities, various integrations, flexible customization, etc.). We suggested building a new platform based on the microservice architecture. Such approach improved modularity and thus made the system flexible and easy to add on desired functionalities and integrations with various systems and devices.

The new Onesti application has been successfully released in February 2019 and is ready for a large number of end customers. The NeuroSYS’ team keeps working on adding new functionalities (such as payment module, smart home groups and scenes – custom settings for controlling all smart home devices at once, “in-home delivery” – a possibility to provide a temporary pin to the door lock valid within fixed period of time, so that users can let in, let’s say, delivery services remotely), rule engine- triggers and actions allowing to automate the way your smart home system is managed and integrations with other devices (such as a keypad, remote help via Partner Console etc.).

Client Safe4

“Working with NeuroSYS has been a delightful experience. What I liked the most was their systematic workflow that leads to timely completion of the project. We contacted them for a responsive IOT server structure, and I must say we couldn’t choose better. These people delivered our project perfectly and ensured that the solution had all the features that we had expected. A big thanks to the team for all the work so far, we are looking forward to continue our project with NeuroSYS.”

Geir Birkheim
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Tomasz Kowalczyk CEO NeuroSYS
Tomasz Kowalczyk
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