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Stress testing/load testing

Gain certainty that your product/service can handle incoming traffic and provides the best customer experience by performing stress/load testing.

Why is it important?


Your application is meant to satisfy your business needs, handling user requests and providing answers. Testing its capabilities under the most probable scenarios helps to strengthen it against future downtimes or struggles with answering incoming user influx.

User experience

Stress/load testing will help you research how your application behaves under heavy traffic. The more thoroughly the app is tested, the better service it will provide to your clients. Your business metrics depend on the end-users and how your application makes them feel. Make every effort for the app to stay robust and inviting, despite the volumes it needs to handle.
Application testing

When might you need stress testing/load testing?

Before going live with your product, and showing it to the world in its full bloom, double-check how the system behaves under expected workloads. Whenever you feel your application may not be working as efficiently as it should for you to meet your objectives, take time to examine its capabilities.
You wish to investigate how your application performs under heavy user load
You’re concerned about the performance limitations of your application and wish to diagnose its load capacity
You aim to identify bottlenecks troubling your application – areas requiring most urgent optimization
You need to diagnose key systems’ elements inhibiting scaling of your application (database, the server, storage, etc.)
Your product became a spectacular success, and you need to secure its future operations
Stress load testing

Test your application and prepare it for future volumes

Share your concerns regarding the applications’ performance and behavior under various loads.
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Stress testing/load testing at NeuroSYS in a nutshell

How long will it take?

3-5 days
Our stress testing/load testing process usually takes from 3 to 5 days, during which we focus on the identification and analysis of possible issues impairing your application's workflow. To make the most of the experience and fully benefit from tests tailored to your needs, inspect your app’s architecture to prepare a demo to start with.

What happens during stress testing/load testing?

You present a demo of your app, indicating modules and systems functionalities critical from the business point of view, along with the functionalities used most often by your users (or by the biggest audience)
You grant us access to the staging environment for test users in various roles
Together we analyze the system, taking into account user behavior – what actions are performed under which workloads (logging in, generating reports, uploading files etc.)
Based on the gathered data, we draft individual testing scenarios, estimating particular workloads, acceptable response times, number of sessions, request volumes
We prepare automated performance tests according to the scenario
Together with you (the admin, architect, programmer), we conduct performance tests based on the scenarios
The executed tests result in monitoring logs, enabling identification of bottlenecks

What will be needed?

3-5 days of your (online) presence to meet the tests’ goal
Indicating the most important modules and functionalities of your application
Insights into your applications’ performance

Who takes part in the testing?

From you
Architect/programmer, IT administrator
From NeuroSYS
Load/Stress tester, project manager

What you will end up with is an in-depth diagnosis of your applications’ state

Your take-away from stress/load testing at NeuroSYS is a package containing:
Test execution scripts for tests simulating automatic load
A report documenting tested system performance under certain load conditions
Suggestions on the systems’ key modules requiring optimization or automated scaling, in case server and application logs are accessed
Test documentation with applicable scenarios
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Would you like to know more about how stress/load testing can help your project?

Tell us more about your application and your concerns regarding its performance.
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