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Company resources management for mining industry in RSA



The Greenest Office - an ethically minded start-up, that offers a sustainable range of mobile & web applications
Scope of work
Business Needs Analysis,Design and Implementation of SaaS Model System
ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Web API, Microsoft Unity, iOS, Highcharts, Entity Framework, Nlog, Google Maps (Javascript API), New Relic, Microsoft Azure

Smart business & planet friendly idea

The Greenest Office is a company providing web and mobile solutions for running modern enterprises to help businesses reduce the amount of time spent on performing back-office processes (and the associated costs) and, also to reduce the environmental impact of conducting business (by minimizing the use of paper in favor of digital processes).

Based on the collected requirements, our team created a solution that includes TGO ERP online system and two application package: TGO Tracker and TGO Clocker – tools, which reduce the time needed to manage internal company processes and related costs, automatizing and standardizing enterprise procedures, and analytical and supervisory instruments essential for modern management.

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In a nutshell

  • Tools for time, absence and expense management to make business smarter and safer for the planet
  • Design, implementation, and later - further development, of the new web system (TGO ERP) in SaaS model for easier, painless and time-saving management
  • TGO Tracker is an application that allows employees to clock in and out via their mobile or tablet and gives management a real-time view of where all members of their workforce are (if clocked in).
  • TGO Clocker allows employees to clock in and out with the single click of a button (then photo is taken). The solution was customized to be used by illiterate mine workers in RSA. It was major safety improvement, because it was possible to automatically verify if every worker get back to the surface safely.

Improving management process: reduce time, costs, and errors

The Greenest Office needed a solution for smoothing management processes. Crucial parts were expenditures and employee absences, employee monitoring including real-time inspection of places in which given employees can be found, elimination of errors occurring while registering work time manually and intuitive user interface requiring no training.

Company resources management for mining industry in RSA

Custom SaaS web system for management processes

During the first phase of cooperation, NeuroSYS team designed, implemented and introduced new web system in SaaS model. On the basis of the system’s functional requirements gathered by the client, we created a modern and flexible IT solution which was implemented to the benefit of first UK and RSA clients. Along with the increase of the number of the system users, our team was responsible for further system development and creation of the tailored mobile applications complementing the system with additional functions which are also available for users carrying out field works.


„Our relationship has been fantastic over the last 4 years and we would recommend NeuroSYS to anyone wanting a value-for-money, professional development service that delivers to high levels of quality and tight deadlines.”

B.D. Willson
Director, The Greenest Office

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