Artificial Intelligence is not just another technological trend. It is reshaping industries, reinventing processes, and redefining how businesses operate. Across the globe, and particularly in the Nordic region, there’s a surging demand for AI integration in business processes. While the AI revolution is well underway, there exists a noticeable gap between corporate ambitions and available AI expertise.

At NeuroSYS, we witness artificial intelligence streamlining business operations and ongoing projects first-hand. With over a decade of experience in AI, from Machine Learning to Computer Vision, we’ve gathered priceless insights from our commercial projects and academic work. 

The interest in AI and its capabilities proved to be growing even stronger during our recent engagement in the Nordic AI scene. From our successful association with ITS Norway, through hosting “AI Risk Avengers” at Startup Extreme, and speaking in the latest Proptech Norway, we’ve learned the potential in the Nordic AI scene is still untapped. 

While the AI realm is expanding so are the legal frontiers. With sweeping legislative changes, such as the EU’s AI Act, Data Act and Data Government Act, companies utilizing AI tools must gear up for the new reality or face daunting technical debts.

We collaborated with Brækhus to develop AI Compliance for businesses of all scales. Brækhus brings to the table a legal team of mastery in sectors of cybersecurity, GDPR, IT/software, IoT, and blockchain, guaranteeing that companies navigate the complex digital landscape with precision. Our collaboration ensures that businesses harness both technical and legal AI prowess under one roof.

Bringing AI from labs and tech hubs to corporate boardrooms

Artificial intelligence is becoming the catalyst for monumental changes. But while understanding the future potential of AI, it’s time to focus on the tangible impacts it can deliver today. 

That’s where the Nordic AI Summit 2023 comes in. 

Together with Brækhus, we noticed a need to foster a dynamic and interactive community that will actively bridge the gap between AI expertise and corporates.

The Nordic AI Summit will deliver a professional space where experts, enthusiasts, corporations, and startups can come together and challenge each other on the topics of AI. NAIS is a unique opportunity to see innovation in action through straightforward discussions, practical workshops, and sessions that get to the heart of AI’s most pressing topics.

What to expect from Nordic AI Summit 2023

During two exciting days in the vibrant heart of Oslo, participants will engage in insightful sessions, interactive workshops, and challenging competitions. 

  1. Meet some of the brightest minds in the AI domain

During NAIS you’ll have an opportunity to hear from AI specialists, researchers, and thought leaders sharing their expertise and presenting the transformative powers of AI in both theoretical and practical facets. Among them:

  • Yann Phoon – Expert Associate Partner at McKinsey, former Technical Lead at AnalogFolk & Wunderman UK,
  • Merete Nygaard – the visionary Founder and CEO of Lawbotics – a technology platform designed to automate and simplify the labor-intensive aspects of legal work,
  • Erik Leung – the Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at Simplifai, one of Norway’s most rapidly growing AI companies,
  • Elisabeth Nissen Eide Head of Compliance and Sustainability at Atea AS, honored as one of Europe’s climate leaders,
  • Ishita Barua – A forefront AI healthcare researcher and Fulbright Scholar with a PhD, recognized among Norway’s top AI trailblazers in medicine.

Visit NAIS website to discover the full list of speakers and their upcoming keynotes.

  1. Gain insight into the latest trends and developments within the AI industry

For many, AI remains an abstract concept – something heard about in news headlines but never truly grasped. Our summit aims to change this by breaking down AI into comprehensible segments, allowing everyone – whether tech-savvy or not – to understand and appreciate its potential.

Insightful keynotes and interactive workshops will cover a wide spectrum of topics, from the future of AI to ethics and business dynamics. Sessions will be dedicated to the most transformative fields in AI, such as:

  • Generative AI, where you will explore how to generate compelling information and automate the process,
  • Computer Vision, covering how AI perceives and interprets visual data,
  • Machine Learning, focusing on the fundamentals of automated learning systems,
  • Deep Learning, diving into the mechanics of neural networks.

The final goal is not only to grow the general understanding of AI’s capabilities. It’s to lead the dialogue and inspire actionable AI-driven strategies across diverse industries. 

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  1. Grow your network and build promising partnerships

We believe that innovation thrives in a space of diversity and collaboration. Our AI summit serves as a unique bridge, connecting AI Engineers with a diverse range of stakeholders – from startups to corporates, and from enthusiasts to seasoned investors. The goal is to create a melting pot of ideas leading to innovative visions and groundbreaking solutions.

Nordic Ai Summit 2023 is designed to accommodate: 

  • Corporate representatives looking to integrate or enhance AI in their operational processes. NAIS is a unique opportunity, where meeting AI experts and thought leaders translates directly into gaining viable solutions to real-world business challenges.
  • AI Experts interested in widening their network, gaining exposure and finding new partnerships. We invite professionals, researchers, and thought leaders in the AI domain to share their expertise and participate in discussions that shape the global dialogue on AI.
  • Startups pioneering new AI-driven solutions, looking to showcase their products. NAIS is a perfect space for networking with industry leaders and potentially securing funding or partnerships.
  • Investors searching for more insight to make informed decisions. During our AI summit, you will learn where the industry is headed and get a chance to discover the next big AI startup.

Join us at NAIS2023 to connect, converse, and collaborate. From insightful discussion panels to spontaneous chats over coffee and rooftop afterparties, everyone will find an opportunity to grow their knowledge and network. 

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Nordic AI Summit is more than just another AI conference. We’re building the arena for AI immersion. Bridging the gap between AI expertise and corporates, NAIS will serve as a hub of in-depth knowledge, partnership and innovation.

Our goal is to provide attendees with interactive sessions and hands-on workshops that will address real problems and lead to practical applications. Providing worthwhile networking opportunities through direct access to experts and corporate decision-makers requires a well-planned diversity among participants. With that in mind, and to ensure an intimate setting for in-depth discussions, there is a limited amount of tickets available.

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Shaping the AI Narrative

The dialogue around AI isn’t fixed. It’s evolving, shaped by breakthroughs, ethical considerations, and real-world applications. The Nordic AI Summit is committed to being a key player in this narrative, guiding conversations to ensure AI develops in a direction beneficial for society at large.

Our purpose goes beyond a two-day event. We’re building a legacy – a foundation upon which the Nordics, and the world, can explore and capitalize on the AI frontier. Join us at the Nordic AI Summit and become a part of this revolution.