Since we formed as a company in 2010, we have had a clear-cut goal: to deliver the best possible custom software solutions to all of our clients in a transparent, predictable way. (The latter part is especially important when working on any IT project since the whole industry is notorious for “unexpected problems” resulting in bloated budgets and slipping delivery timelines.)

Little we knew back then that this goal is, in fact, a never-ending process called continuous improvement.

When dealing with constantly developing technologies and ever-changing requests and challenges brought by clients, there is NO way that at some point we can look around and say: “Okay… We’ve achieved what we wanted. Time to relax and back off a bit now.” The only stops we make are the ones devoted to retrospective lookback analysis and finding ways to improve things next time.

Don’t get me wrong – it’s a truly exciting journey to work like that. It keeps us eager to learn new things and get better every day.

But being trapped in a cycled workflow, we might lack an occasion for a little celebration, and what’s more important – occasions to pay a tribute to people behind all the great work being done here.

So, please, excuse our lack of modesty, but today is the occasion. Since recently NeuroSYS has been mentioned among top custom software developers in Poland by Clutch (a business to business ratings and reviews firm based in Washington D.C.), we want to praise everyone involved in this achievement and reveal the backstage of the holy of holies. Enjoy a truly unique opportunity to see the NeuroSYS team – champions in hiding from photographers and camera lens:

(Don’t be greedy and give thumbs up to this video. Otherwise, we might never persuade these people to take part in filming again 🙂 )

Clutch conducts verified and unbiased reviews of thousands of companies located around the world by interviewing past and current clients, as well as by using a scoring system that judges based on factors such as market presence and industry recognition.

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On Clutch’s sister website, The Manifest, we are also highlighted as a top web developer in Poland. Our profile on The Manifest highlights our services and notable projects, and is listed among other top developers in Poland.

We want to thank all the clients who contributed by sharing their opinions on cooperating with us on Clutch, as well as encourage others to submit their feedback too.

We take what you have to say about us very seriously and are proud to know that we made a positive impact on your companies. It’s our pleasure to read your flattering reviews and constructive comments. Something in your words gives us a feeling that we are on the right track:

[article-quote content=”They turned out to be great. They make a plan, stick to it, and really know what they’re talking about.” /]

[article-quote content=”Their ideas and suggestions were solid. They met all the deadlines. Sometimes, they worked in the evening or on weekends to ensure timely delivery.” /]

[article-quote content=”NeuroSYS can deliver what was agreed upon.” /]

[article-quote content=”The project management was great!” /]

However, returning to the idea we laid out in the beginning – all these positive words and recognition is just another reason to move further and keep improving. So enough said… Back to work.

…P.S.: *breathing a sigh of relief* Don’t expect any other self-praising blog post anytime soon. We’ve reached the shameless limit with this one for years ahead 😀