Length of waiting for a response and what if I haven't received one.

We reply to all initial job inquiries and applications as soon as possible, usually within 2-4 days. Sometimes, when it’s a hot position and the recruitment team is overloaded, it may take up to 2 weeks.

For the next steps of the recruitment, it takes 1 week for us to give you feedback. In case of any changes, we’ll inform you about it.

Not getting an answer is almost impossible, but as we are all humans and sh*t happens, please, be patient and ping us via rekrutacja@neurosys.com if you don’t hear from us.

Soft talk and dress code.

A soft interview takes about 30-60 minutes (depends on how talkative you are ;).

During this conversation, we will talk about your previous experience and your expectations. From our side, we will tell you more about the company and how it is to work here. There will be a few questions in English too. The whole conversation will be rather casual, so no need to stress out at all.

You can wear whatever you want to the meeting as long as you feel comfortable.

Tech talk and can it be done remotely.

A detailed plan of this interview will depend on a position you’re applying to and a tech recruiter involved. In general, at this stage, we talk a little bit about technology or a field of expertise that will be your core responsibility and then give you a task to solve.

We prefer face-to-face meetings. Exceptionally, we can do it via Skype. In this case, you have to be prepared to do a programming task online.

Temporary or permanent employees? And about outsourcing staff.

We hire permanent employees, and we prefer to build stable teams with close connections. We also don’t outsource our people.


Industry, scale, length of projects.

We prefer to take care of a project from scratch, but we also develop existing applications (add new functionalities or create the next generation version of it) when it makes sense. We don’t work on bug-fixing and maintenance only.

We don’t work on primitive projects. Our mostly international clients entrust challenging and interesting solutions to us (f.e. a complex application for managing lab systems, IoT platforms or scalable e-learning systems). There are millions of users of the applications we’ve created for our clients. Most of our projects are dedicated to small teams of 3-8 persons and they are rather long-term, but short-term ones (for a few months) sometimes also happen.


Extra hours are really occasional and they are 100% your choice. Mostly, people just decide that one day they will work more, so they can leave earlier the other day. But when something extraordinary happens, we may offer to earn extra money for staying longer. Or the other way around: if you need some extra money, you can go to your Project Manager and ask if working a little bit longer is fine.

Changing your project.

We try to match projects and people in the best possible way based on competencies and expectations. However, if something doesn’t feel right, you can always initiate changing the project. The only difficulty here is that it will take some time to arrange a new project for you. In any case, we’ll do our best and will start working on it as soon as you tell us that something is wrong.  

Career path at NeuroSYS.

We don’t have strict career path scenarios. We believe that our projects are matched with competences and they let our programmers develop themselves professionally. But if you want extra challenges, you can always talk to your PM or HR and set goals that you want to achieve and knowledge you want to acquire, that we’ll help you with.

Working 100% remotely or part-time.

In general, we don’t like such situations as working 100% remotely, because we want to build relationships on-site. But if you are really a rockstar in programming there is always a space for negotiating, so let’s try!

We also prefer our employees to work full-time, however, there is an opportunity to work part-time too. We gladly hire prominent students: some of them stay with us after an internship, others – join before their graduation and also breastfeeding moms.

Getting a job without experience.

If we publish a recruitment post where we ask for experience, most probably we do it for a reason. Usually, it’s dictated by our clients’ needs or lack of a certain specialist on board.

We’d love to give every junior a chance, but as it takes additional training and mentoring from us – we do it when we have resources for that.

Once a year we organize Summer Internships during which we dedicate our time to not experienced but ambitious and gifted young people, who are interested in programming (React, Node.js, Unity, PHP, .NET) and Machine Learning/Deep Learning.

Usually, we offer further cooperation to a few interns. A summer internship is the best occasion to join NeuroSYS without experience and quickly become a valuable part of the team.

Other than that, we rarely look for entry-level juniors, but in both cases we post it on our social media.

Stay in touch, follow us on Facebook and don’t miss the announcement when we’re looking for interns.  

Atmosphere at NeuroSYS.

You won’t hear Mr & Mrs or find it very official here. We don’t have a dress code and prefer casual communication at work. We build our relationship based on mutual trust, so people can freely use chillax room, forget about checking the watch while taking the lunch break, as long as they are responsible and do their job. That’s NeuroSYS.

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