Nordic AI Summit 2024 is already behind us. This year, our co-hosted event took place on June 11-12 at the Volkan Arena in Oslo. This year’s summit brought together a diverse group of enthusiasts passionate about using artificial intelligence to improve business operations and our everyday lives.

This year’s Experiences

Nordic AI Summit 2024 included dynamic sessions, workshops and panel discussions. Key topics included the latest developments in machine learning, ethical considerations in AI implementation, AI-based business solutions, and the future of AI in everyday life. The various sessions ensured something for everyone, whether you were a seasoned AI professional or just starting your journey in the field.

Nordic AI Summit 2024 Highlights AI’s Transformative Potential Across Industries and Ethical Challenges

Participants of the Nordic AI Summit 2024 gained a comprehensive understanding of how AI could be applied across various industries, moving beyond the popular but narrow focus on tools like ChatGPT and Copilot. They learned about the transformative potential of AI in sectors such as real estate and its broader implications for Norway’s economic landscape, discussed by experts like Yann Phoon from McKinsey. Attendees explored the vast possibilities and pitfalls of integrating generative AI into their data strategies, as highlighted by Geir Rostadmo-Strømme from Dell Technologies. 

A panel discussion on AI governance featuring notable speakers such as Aksel Braanen Sterri and Maria Amelie provided insights into the ethical and regulatory challenges of AI deployment. Additionally, they delved into practical issues like Gjermund Norderhaug’s address of chatbots’ shortcomings in customer support and Rebecca Wiborg Seyfarth’s presentation of the critical importance of domain knowledge in maximizing AI’s capabilities. 

Additionally, Tomasz Kowalczyk’s sessions on becoming a data-driven organization and his predictions about how AI will affect business over the next ten years provided participants with strategic approaches and forward-thinking insights. The event also included networking opportunities, such as the Kick-off Party, fostering collaboration and innovation within the AI community.

Nearly 40 Speakers

Let us emphasize how much we enjoyed hosting a large and very diverse group of speakers. They enriched our event with their knowledge and experience. The sessions inspired participants and sparked new ideas and discussions in the AI ​​community. The attractive and knowledge-packed summit program lived up to expectations, that is, we created an intensive platform for innovation and learning. The group of speakers was honored by, among others:

  • Robin Skog: CEO at Prosper AI
  • Nora Antonsen: M.Sc. in Physics and Mathematics at NTNU and Co-founder & CTO in Naya Development
  • Yngvar Ugland: EVP & Head of New Tech Lab
  • Rebecca Wiborg Seyfarth: VP Engineering at Völur
  • Tomasz Golan: R&D Manager at NeuroSYS
  • Arjun Chandra: CEO of Brua
  • Ørjan Flygt Landfald: Senior Adviser and EdTech Lead at BI’s Learning Center
  • Yann Phoon: AI lead for McKinsey in Norway
  • Lars-Petter Windelstad Kjos: Co-founder and CPO at We Are Learning
  • Julia Paulsen: Director E-Commerce Nordics at Elkjøp
  • Tore Lie: Cluster Leader, Cluster for Applied AI
  • Annabel Dangreville: Co-founder & CEO of ListenAlert

Almost 20 Supporting Partners

In addition, the Nordic AI Summit 2024 summary is also an opportunity to thank almost 20 partners who supported this event. With your help, we publicized the event and conveyed the importance of collective efforts in driving technological progress. Full list of co-hosts and partners of the Nordic AI Summit 2024 event:

  • NeuroSYS
  • Schjødt
  • Intel.
  • Nsflow
  • Kantega
  • Völur
  • AI+
  • Computas 
  • Volur
  • AI Caramba!
  • StartUp Norway
  • Cognite
  • In fasting
  • EY
  • eSmart Systems
  • McKinsey and Company
  • Kjeller Innovasjon
  • Dell Technologies
  • Cognite
  • Langsikt
  • Bearing Point

Numerous Active Participants

We would like to thank the large number of participants who came to the summit. Your enthusiasm, commitment, and active participation determined the success of the event. Insightful questions, lively discussions, and online interactions enriched everyone’s experience. We are grateful to each of you for being an integral part of this event.

Relive Moments

For those who want to recall the most important events once again and were unable to join us, please watch our video and photos from the event. These shots capture the energy that defined the Nordic AI Summit 2024. Visual and video documentation comprehensively captures the vibrant atmosphere of the summit, from keynote speeches to breakout sessions.

Watch the photos here:

Looking to the future

The Nordic AI Summit again became the most important meeting for artificial intelligence enthusiasts, professionals and innovators. We are committed to continuing this tradition of excellence and fostering a community where ideas and collaboration can flourish.

Again, thank everyone involved in making this event a monumental success. We look forward to seeing you at future events and continuing our journey in artificial intelligence.