Since generative AI hit the market on a large scale in late 2022, more companies are interested in integrating AI into their organizations. According to McKinsey’s annual survey, 60% of organizations reported using generative AI. IBM research shows that approximately 42% of enterprise-scale companies are actively implementing artificial intelligence in their operations. However, steering through the maze of artificial intelligence can be tough, especially for companies at the crossroads of technological adoption. The main challenge is identifying specific areas within their business where AI can be effectively applied. To make headway, it’s essential to pinpoint viable use cases and calculate the return on investment (ROI) to justify AI integration. 

Instead of spending hours figuring out the use cases of artificial intelligence in your enterprise, you can immediately benefit from the knowledge of others during the AI Workshop. Its mission is straightforward: to demystify AI and chart a course toward its successful deployment in business processes. This article sheds light on how companies and individuals can maximize the benefits of an AI workshop.

What Is AI Workshop’? Who Is It Useful For?

The AI Discovery Workshop service is about analyzing the company’s goals and operations to identify areas in which AI can improve task execution. Simply put, the basis of AI workshops is mapping low-hanging fruits, i.e., areas already ripe for digital change that can adapt artificial intelligence solutions.

Who should take part in the AI workshops?

In particular:

  • key stakeholders,
  • department heads,
  • executives and business leaders like CEOs, CTOs, CIOs,
  • project managers,
  • operational managers,
  • IT and technology managers,
  • business analysts,
  • data scientists, data analysts.

In general: everyone involved in decision-making can benefits from AI workshop, but in fact. The admission is open to anyone who wants to learn how integrating artificial intelligence will help strengthen their business. During AI workshops, presenters delve deeper into the customer’s business, covering operations, communications, manufacturing, and processes and identifying areas ready for AI-driven transformation.

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What To Expect From An AI Workshop?

AI Workshop shows you the possibilities of using artificial intelligence technology in your company.

During the workshop meetings, you gain the knowledge, skills, and insights necessary to implement AI solutions in your current processes. Your organization’s unique needs, objectives, and skill levels always serve as a guide when selecting the fitting workshop. 

If your first AI workshop is ahead of you, you may wonder what you can expect as the return on such an investment. To make the initial meeting run as smoothly as possible, it is a good idea to prepare for it by answering the following questions:

  • What exactly does a given AI workshop offer?
  • What issues interest me?
  • Does the supplier offer a clear projection of ROI for each application?
  • How much time can I devote to workshops?
  • What problems does my current solution pose?
  • What KPIs will I take into account, and what results do I expect?
  • What ROI from AI workshops is realistic for my company?
  • Does the company specialize in AI? If so, for how long?
  • Does the supplier have case studies that prove the effectiveness of AI workshops?
  • Does the company also offer the implementation of ideas developed during workshops?
Image 1
AI workshops can help design a facial scanning system for security purposes.

What Does The AI Workshop Look Like?

Typically, an AI workshop is not a one-time AI consulting but a process lasting from several days to several weeks. Such time is needed to ensure that the service actually fulfills its function.

Stage 1: Analysis

A comprehensive analysis is a strong suit of AI workshops at NeuroSYS. It includes tailored analysis, during which we provide a personalized deep dive into a unique business ecosystem. 

Stage 2: Mapping Low-Hanging Fruits

In the second stage, we identify the growth points, which means we spot areas where AI can amplify productivity and growth.

Stage 3: Reporting

Next up is comprehensive reporting. Here, you gain insights with a thorough report detailing AI applications and potential ROI for informed decision-making. 

Stage 4: Expert-Led AI Workshop

Expert-led workshops featuring AI application leaders are the fourth stage.

Stage 5: ROI projections

The fifth stage of the AI workshop is ROI projections, which involve providing a fact-based forecast of the potential returns on your AI investments.

Stage 6: Competitive Edge

Using the developed solutions (we can also implement AI for you) gives you a greater chance of gaining a competitive edge in your business field. Contact us to learn more about implementing AI into your company’s processes.

Image 2
AI Discovery Workshop at NeuroSYS spans operations, communication, production, and processes to pinpoint areas ripe for AI-driven transformation.

How To Choose An AI Workshop?

With AI’s growing popularity and its implementation into software solutions, more and more companies offer AI workshops. Choosing a supplier may be difficult. What should you pay attention to make this cooperation suitable for your needs.

At first, always examine all offers carefully and find the points that distinguish this company from another. For example, the AI workshop at NeuroSYS emphasizes direct engagement with CTOs, CEOs or COOs to understand your specific operational workflows, and our iterative feedback process sets us apart. The approach ensures that our findings and recommendations perfectly align with your business needs, goals, and infrastructure. 

During the workshops, you will also learn about the legal and ethical challenges of implementing artificial intelligence in your company. NeuroSYS has a research & development division offering data analysis and modeling expertise. Our data science specialists can provide you with innovative knowledge and help run R&D projects based on AI technologies.

Secondly, make sure you choose an offer that offers practical recommendations on the next steps and further AI implementation. NeuroSYS AI workshop’s outcome includes a Proof-of-Concept proposal with an assumed ROI and a precise, not a ballpark number. 

Additionally, ask for a legal analysis of the proposed solution according to the AI compliance practices for extra security.

Moreover, it’s important to determine if prior knowledge of AI is needed to participate in the workshop. At NeuroSYS, the AI workshop targets all-level participants, regardless of their technology knowledge and experience in AI applications. 

Generative AI Workshop

Given how quickly businesses adopt this technology, generative AI deserves special attention. This is not surprising since the release of ChatGPT (an example of Large Language Model), which resulted in the creation of many external tools that employees are eager to use. Though they have tangible benefits, these tools also expose companies to certain risks.

One of them is the reckless use of GenAI tools, such as ChatGPT or Google’s Bard, that can result in sensitive data leaks or intellectual property violations. Let’s also add data exfiltration and data integrity issues to this list. Copyright is particularly important here. NeuroSYS partners with a law firm so that we can advise on legal and security issues during the generative AI workshop.

Therefore, the best solution for enterprises is to adopt GenAI as their IT solution on the internal IT infrastructure. An AI workshop can help you understand how to do this best. In this case, it is important to analyze data sources and their formats, understand what will be processed, for what purposes and how this data will be later used. 

Image 3
During generative AI workshops, artificial intelligence engineers will prepare the design of systems to be implemented internally on your servers, which will help you avoid the risk of data leakage externally.

How Will You Benefit From The AI Workshops?

The main benefits of the AI workshop are:

  • ready-to-use road map for AI implementation,
  • calculated AI implementation costs to the expected ROI,
  • diagnosis of data maturity, employee skills, and readiness of IT infrastructure and intercompany processes.

An additional advantage for corporations is securing a scalable, secure, and customized AI system. Security becomes paramount, especially in the banking, military, and public administration sectors, where data must stay within internal servers. 

Moreover, gaining full control over the development process presents a significant advantage. Companies that follow AI workshop recommendations can actively manage their solutions’ evolution. They may choose to task an AI workshop provider with creating and implementing these solutions, collaborate by combining their efforts with external expertise, or fully outsource the development of the proposed solutions. This approach ensures that AI technologies meet the company’s specific needs and adhere to the highest security and efficiency standards.

Choosing AI Workshop Provider: A Quick Cheat-Sheet

Benefits of AI workshops for companies and enterprises

AI workshop is a relatively cheap and quick service that helps companies identify low-hanging fruits, i.e., areas where AI technologies, such as computer vision or natural language processing, can be implemented immediately. Choose an AI workshop with NeuroSYS to discover where and how to implement AI solutions to optimize your company’s ROI. Benefit from our R&D to gain access to innovative solutions and cutting-edge AI products.

Tailor-made offers

Make sure your AI workshop provider offers sessions tailored to your company’s needs, goals, and skill levels. This includes a clear understanding of what the workshop offers and how it aligns with your interests and concerns.

ROI Forecasts

Choose a vendor that offers a clear return on investment forecast for each application discussed during the workshop, which will help you understand the potential benefits.

Time Commitment

Consider how much time you can allocate for workshops, and make sure the provider’s schedule accommodates your availability.

Experience and Specialization

Look for a provider with proven AI specialization, a track record of successful workshops backed by case studies, and a track record of specializing in AI.

Post-Workshop Support

Check whether the company supports implementing ideas developed during the workshops, which may be crucial for applying the acquired knowledge.

Engagement and Feedback

The vendor should emphasize direct collaboration with your team and an iterative feedback process to ensure that findings and recommendations are aligned with your business needs.

Comprehensive Final Report

A detailed final report should outline potential AI applications, improvements, and a clear ROI forecast for each application.

AI Workshop – Final Thoughts

Companies that don’t use Artificial Intelligence (AI) might spend more money than necessary, move slower than their competitors, and miss chances to understand better and serve their customers. An AI workshop can help solve these issues by showing where AI can save time and money, improve work, and create better products or services.

The workshop gives a plan tailored for each company, including using AI safely and within the rules. It also predicts how much money the company could save or earn using AI in different areas. This makes it easier for businesses to see the financial advantages of investing in AI, helping them to make smarter decisions, stay ahead of competitors, and grow their profits.

Interested in seeing if AI Discovery Workshop is what you’re looking for? Do you want to find out what areas of your business can be improved by integrating artificial intelligence technologies? Contact us now.