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Comcast - incredible technology and entertainment that connects millions of people to the moments and experiences that matter most.
Scope of work
UX/UI, Software Development, Cloud, DevOps, SaaS, Penetration Testing
Node.js, React.js, PHP 7.3, Symfony 4.3.2, ANT.Design, AWS, PostgreSQL

Unlimited knowledge access vs. limited internet connection

Our team designed and developed the core product of e-learning platform for Comcast’s employees. The system includes two major user modules: for administrators and for learners.
The biggest challenge in customizing system to client’s needs was to face the problem of weak Internet connection. The Comcast’s structure consists of a few dozen business units with their own local NASes (Network Attached Storage) and weak Internet connection between them and our cloud service (AWS). Our goal was to find a way to synchronize our courses (mainly videos, SCORMs and other large files) despite slow Internet connection, and be able to serve them from local NASes (not from AWS) and make them accessible for 40,000 users around the globe. Additionally, significant customizations were needed to reflect the complex structure of the enterprise, as well as recognize every client’s business unit when corresponding users launch the app.

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In a nutshell

  • Course Catalogue - the list of all available courses
  • Course Builder - allows creating courses from scratch as well as re-using existing materials (PDF, video-audio, HTML5, articles, images etc.) and homeworks
  • Scorm courses uploader - supports the latest compliant SCORM cloud and Tin Can xAPI industry standards for content interoperability
  • Instructor Led Training & Webinars - can be easily set up, recorded and maintained via the platform
  • Calendars, Scheduling & Reminders - help to keep track of workplace learning and manage learners with alerts and reminders to keep their learning on schedule
  • Quizzes

The LMS modules and client requirements

The system includes two major modules – one of them devoted to administrators (create and manage courses, add/remove students, assign and check tasks, collect statistics etc.) and the other module for learners (browse available courses, get notifications about due mandatory courses, undertake courses, pass tests and quizzes, track progress etc.). Our client needed also solution to minimize the external Internet connection usage in the areas which suffer from low Internet quality, and simultaneously enhance the performance of the application for them.

LMS Learning management system
38 837
active users on platform
business units
active courses
187 487
e-learning courses completed

Scalable onboarding and staff training solution

NeuroSYS’ team created a platform which helps companies optimise and easily scale up processes connected with onboarding, staff training, compliance, employee engagement, appraisal etc. The product successfully was adopted as the internal LMS by a Comcast – major global telecom company (with around 40,000 users).
For the client using local NASes, we developed NAS Drive – an application that synchronizes contents from local NASes with Create LMS AWS on a daily basis. The solution required a lot of custom DevOps work, but eventually allows learners to go through their courses smoothly even in the areas with weak Internet connection. After successful cooperation, other business units of Comcast decided to run next implementations of NeuroSYS’ solution.

“As the Director of Training for our partner network at Comcast, our team was looking for a solution to manage the complexity of dozens of sites across multiple geos and partners. After an extensive search, we determined the Learning Management Solution through NeuroSYS using their CreateLMS product was the best fit for our multifaceted requirements. Our group has a unique business model that is multi-layered with an extensive amount of stakeholder consideration. NeuroSYS was able to identify and document our unique learning needs which lead to a successful implementation of our base requirements. After launch, we identified challenges which resulted in a series of working sessions with internal and external stakeholders. Through those sessions, the NeuroSYS team was able to develop a customized solution to support our critical needs. Since the initial implementation, they continue to be collaborative, engaged and supportive as we look to further expand and customize the solution to meet our long terms business needs.”

Cathleen Nowlin
Director of Training, Comcast

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